Forget Beer! Become A Whiskey Man With These Top Tips

Forget Beer! Become A Whiskey Man With These Top Tips

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Recent studies have found that drinking whiskey can actually be good for your health. The antioxidants it contains can help with weight loss and reduces the risk of cancer, dementia and blood clots. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you should start drinking it in large and regular amounts. But drinking whiskey responsibly and in moderation can be of benefit. If you’re new to drinking whiskey, you might be overwhelmed by the choice you have or unsure how to drink it. So here are some top tips that can help you become a whiskey connoisseur in no time.

Do Your Homework

There are countless brands and styles of whiskey on the market, each with their own unique taste. So before head to a supermarket or bar to buy your first bottle, it’s important to do your homework. Otherwise, you might end up buying something that’s too strong for your palette which could put you off for life. Talk to the staff at local whiskey bars for their recommendations based on your personal tastes. Just make sure that the options you try are within your budget and easily sourced. You should also read online reviews to get a better understanding of the jargon, varying quality and tastes. Take a look at this Kikori review to get you started. This might seem like a lot of effort, but it will all be worthwhile.

Add Water

As a beginner to the world of whiskey, you might think that drinking it neat is the only option. Drinking whiskey neat is primarily what puts people off as it creates a numb sensation on their tongue. This can be unpleasant for many people and stops them enjoying the full flavour. By adding a small amount of water, you can experience the full flavour. Adding ice is another option you might want to consider. Keep adding water until the whiskey feels comfortable to drink. Ideally, you should be using bottled water as tap water can affect the overall taste and ruin the flavour.

Forget Beer! Become A Whiskey Man With These Top Tips

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Get Inspired

While most experts feel whiskey should be drunk only with ice or whiskey stones, this is not always convenient. Sometimes the occasion calls for something that’s a little easier to drink. Whiskey is a versatile drink that works surprisingly well with a variety of ingredients. So If you’re holding a birthday party or family gathering, why not offer the adults some whiskey based cocktails. Just try not to use top quality whiskey’s for your cocktails as they can often be too overpowering and expensive. You can find fantastic ideas in cocktail recipe books or on sites such as All Recipes. You could create add whiskey to a lemon and lime soda or create your own whiskey slush. The possibilities are endless so look for inspiration and get making. You’ll find that drinking whiskey can be fun and creative while still being classic and cool.

Take what you have learned from these tips to start enjoying the fantastic taste of whiskey. Not only will it make a refreshing change, but it could also benefit your health.

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