Funding Your Childrens' Studies

Whilst they are still young, your children will one day want to be doctors, lawyers or journalists. They have ambitions in place and as a good dad, you would like for them to follow their dreams so that they can get to be whoever they want to. You had a good family who also encouraged you to follow your dreams, but your parents never had the resources to put your through good education and this is perhaps one of your biggest sores: the fact that you never studied anything in depth.

If you place value in the education of your children but know you will also struggle to make ends meet in order to fund your kids’ future careers, there are a number of measures you could put in place now to make sure they get to make the most of what the start of their adult life has to offer.


Get a zero interest credit card

If you are anything like the older generations, you might think that a credit card is a no-go for someone in your position. The stories you have heard in relation to credit cards always sound a tad scary and the last thing you want is to get yourself into some deep debt. Don’t worry, this credit card is different in the sense that this is a zero interest credit card. Whilst it isn’t advisable for you to rely on one of these permanently, zero interest cards are a great way of attaining some money for a pre-planned amount of time. If you think you will need a certain amount of cash for a brief period in order to sustain your children with their studies, then make sure to look into one of these for you to cover the costs of their education.


Set up a blog where advertisers can market their products

 The US is the country that spends the largest amount of money globally on advertising. These days there are many different ways for students to make money in college. Companies out there are desperate to come up with new ways to market their products and in the era of social networking and creative online communications, this could be your chance to profit from this. If you are good at creating interesting content and have engaging stories to share, you might want to consider setting up your own blog and reaching out to advertisers (local or national) who would like to market their products on it. We guarantee you that if your blog is engaging enough and has the potential to attract large audiences, advertisers will come to you in big numbers.


Participate in market research

Market research companies are always looking for people to help them conduct research. Whether this is surrounding their newest product or they would like to find out more about the efficiency of their customer service, businesses go to great lengths to prove there has been some return on their investment. Participating in market research will bring you some extra money in exchange for very little. All you have to do is take part in surveys and focus groups and provide some information on the services or products of the choice of the company carrying out the research.