Gifting Tips For The Coming Season – How To Buy Presents For Him

gift-Gifting Tips For The Coming Season – How To Buy Presents For Him

The joy of giving is unparalleled. Getting someone the perfect gift is a way of showing the person how important they are to you. Searching for a gift is also a fun process, a journey of discovery where you start understanding the nuances of your loved one even more. Gifting for men requires a certain approach. Here are some gift ideas that are unique, practical and bound to evoke a reaction.

Gift Men’s Jewelry

A finely crafted piece of jewelry makes a great gift. It is timeless in nature and there are many options to choose from. When picking up jewelry for men remember some basic rules.

Jewelry for men accentuates the larger picture. It complements the outfit he wears rather than steal the attention. So when looking for designs keep things subtle. Men’s jewelry has fewer stones and embellishments – it is metal heavy. Be it mens bracelets or a silver chain, the minimalist look trumps an ornate finish. Simple jewelry is more versatile as a wardrobe option. He should be able to wear it with all types of outfits rather than a specific one. Some of the safer gift options for men’s jewelry are cufflinks and tie pins.

How do you choose the jewelry?

Factor in the person’s dress code when you pick up a jewelry item for him. A lot of jewelry is meant only for formal wear while certain items can go with casuals. 

Gold and silver are the most popular metals for quality men’s jewelry. Skin tone is important when picking the metal. Gold jewelry looks better on warm skin tones (when the veins are not visible) while silver or platinum is suited to cool-toned skin (where the veins are visible). Bronze and similar orange and earthy tones are more vibrant, louder even. If you consider picking up this kind of jewelry, look for smaller and subtle designs.

The size of the person is also a factor when buying jewelry. Small-framed men should wear slimmer, smaller jewelry items while larger men look better with wider, thicker pieces. When it comes to stones, men’s jewelry does not allow too much space. Make an impression with a single stone rather than risk a gaudy, over-embellished look. Wooden or beaded bracelets are getting popular as ethnic designs gain a larger representation in modern fashion. They can be great conversation starters.

Learn more about how men like to wear their jewelry and other contexts attached so you can make the correct purchase.

Watches for Men

A good watch bends to no trend. It remains a lifelong treasure. Designer and luxury watches are perfect for a special occasion but there are cheaper, contemporary options too.

When buying watches for someone, consider the environments where they work or spend most of their day. A chunky old-school chronograph might be a little out of place in a construction site setting – a digital smartwatch might be a better option. A fitness band is a good gift and it can be a catalyst for healthier habits. Some of the popular brands are TomTom, Samsung, and Fitbit.

You can also buy rugged digital timepieces for those who love the outdoors.  Garmin, Suunto, and Casio have a wide collection of sturdy watches that have some very cool features. For an example, the Garmin Quatix series has navigation features, temperature sensors, an altimeter, a barometer and is meant for water activities. Don’t restrict yourself to conventional designs. A vintage pocket watch is an offbeat choice with lots of personality. 

Gifts for the Man who loves his Tools

Gift ideas can be of a functional variety too. Many men love to fix things around the house and if you know someone who has a home furniture or building project, the latest tools will be a wonderful and relevant present.

When you are gifting a tool, keep a few things in mind. Do not buy something that is very basic unless you have ascertained that the person does not have it. Most men who work with tools will have the basic equipment so a tool as a gift might be redundant. That does not mean you cannot gift an upgrade on something he already has. Snoop around his toolbox and garage and identify the old equipment that can do with a replacement. Combination tools are very handy. Pick up tools with unique aesthetics so it does not become an addition to a similar looking collection. You can think beyond tools too. How about a nicely-designed wooden or metal toolbox engraved with the name of the recipient?

Gifts for the Travelling Man

Whether he loves backpacking or travels a lot for business, this lifestyle aspect opens up a plethora of interesting gift options. Suitcases and duffel bags specially designed for long travels make intelligent gifts. Some other eclectic choices can be mini coffee presses, hammocks, organizer cases, solar power chargers, and headphones.

There are a host of travel-specific gadgets available too. Consider a GoPro camera so he can share his hiking and biking trips in the wild with you. World adapters are ideal for the globetrotter, allowing him to use his devices without worrying about the plug point designs in the hotel.

Fishing equipment is a thoughtful gift too. Get a new rod or fishing related apparel. In fact, you can add on to this with by booking a weekend at a scenic lake house.

Gadgets, More Gadgets

Throw in a bit of fun in the gift. Some men love their sandwiches and cold cuts so a hi-tech sandwich maker is an apt addition to the list. It might just trigger the inner-chef in him. Smart home technology is the big thing now. If you know someone who is very interested in integrating his devices then something like an Amazon Echo hits the bullseye. It is a next-gen version of the popular Alexa, allowing users to control other smart devices by interacting with it.

Car-related gadgets are another section that deserves being explored. They could be as simple as a mount for the smartphone or a key finder device for those absent-minded forgetful men. A car vacuum cleaner is another pragmatic gift while a Bluetooth transmitter facilitates wireless music and hands-free calls.

When you are buying gadgets as a gift, choose very wisely. Technology has a very detached vibe about it so make sure there is a personal connection involved. Buy gadgets that will improve or accentuate his everyday lifestyle rather than something indulgent but not practical for daily use.

Explore his Interests

Gifting allows you to peek into the lifestyle of your loved one. It involves research from your end. Ask subtle questions about his hobbies and interests and gather clues as to what he might appreciate. Hobbies like comic collections and sports merchandise collection make gifting easier but you need to ensure that it does not come across as too obvious. Buy something that relates to the hobby in a peripheral manner – instead of adding to his whiskey collection, maybe you can get a cabinet where he can display his best malts.

The process of buying a gift reveals many intimate details about your loved one. You begin to notice the wonderful little things and the mannerisms that make him special. The adventure, the research, and excitement of choosing the best gift provide a rewarding experience to you. Gifts do not have to be elaborate or expensive. They don’t have to be restricted to occasions. Impromptu gifting is one of the sweetest experiences two people can share.