Hardwood Floor Refinishing Guide


For a classy and elegant look hardwood flooring is the best option. You don’t need to spend a lot on flooring because a sparkling and shiny hardwood floor is a long lasting investment. You can keep them in perfect condition following a few easy tips.

Refinishing the hardwood floors at some point of time will maintain its appeal. Professional contractors in Utah can complete the refinishing job effectively, quickly and at reasonable rates. You don’t have to spend extravagantly as well.

Let’s see how you can keep your hardwood floor in a new and perfect condition at all times:

  • Don’t allow shoes: Keep the shoes off the flooring. It means no dirt or grit will be attracted to the floor. You can use your house slippers or shoes on the floor. Take care when you wear wet stockings or socks on the floor because the floor will become slippery. The best option is to be barefoot. Use carpets or rugs near the floor to keep your dirty or outdoor shoes. It will protect the floor from outside elements and keep the space neat and clean.

  • Sweeping the floor is vital: If you want your hardwood floor to look new, sweep the floor daily. It will keep off the dust and dirt. You can also use a vacuum that has a floor head to clean the flooring. Just be careful not to use the beater brush or bar. Vacuuming the floor will allow to pick all the loose bits and dust that is settled on the floor. Daily sweeping will keep the floor neat and it will not allow the dust to settle between the floorboards.

  • No harsh soaps or cleaners: Have a cleaning routine and do not use harsh cleaners or soaps on the hardwood floor. Frequent mopping can strip the natural oils from the wood so clean it only once a month. Use the best cleaner that is ideal for the hardwood and professional contractors can suggest about it. Do not use anything and everything to clean the floor if you want the floor to look healthy.

  • Protect your floor from different things: Sometimes even furniture can steal the appeal of your hardwood floor. Chair legs can grind debris and result in scratches. It can create gouges. A better way to protect your floor is to make use of chair glides and furniture pads. Use rugs in high traffic areas and it will keep the floor safe from denting and scratching apart from keeping the dirt away. If you are using a hardwood floor in the kitchen area then using a rug will prevent excess water from affecting the floor. Pets can also spoil the wooden flooring. Big nails of your pet can damage the flooring. So, make sure to trim the toenails of pets regularly.

  • Refinishing the hardwood floor: Hardwood Refinishing is important for your wooden floor. Even if the floors have some wear and tear, but if they are structurally sound and made of good quality materials then refinishing the furniture pieces will add life to it. Refinishing also helps to preserve the furniture quality. It is like occasional maintenance. Doing minor repairs and refinishing cover up the blemishes.

  • Floor refinishing is a commendable service to rebuff your floor finish in a terrific way.

  • Once the floor is refinished by a professional it will reduce termites and other kinds of pests.

  • It is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.


These are some tips which you can implement to keep the hardwood floor in a great condition. Take some precautions and also do refinishing from time to time. For refinishing your hardwood floor get in touch with professional contractors in Utah, Salt Lake which will help you save a significant amount of money and keep your floors in new and perfect condition. After all it takes an expert to do the refinishing job flawlessly. So, create the dream pieces you always wanted by getting in touch with the best hardwood floor refinishing services near your area.