5 Must-Have Decor Hacks For The Study Room


Reading is a habit that is suitable for every age. Every house that has a reading culture must possess a study room. A study room is a room that is dedicated to studies. It is generally decked with books and other study materials. You can study peacefully in the study room as it is generally isolated from the other rooms of the house. In order to set up a study room you should follow certain tips to set it up in a proper way. Here are some study room decoration hacks that will help you to set up your study room in a beautiful way.

Use Wall Panels:

You can use wall panels on the walls of your study room to create some extra space to keep your books. You can use custom felt wall panel. Using wall panels will make separate portions on your wall and you will be able to use them for different purposes. In case you want to make your study room sound proof for better concentration, you can use acoustic felt. This will prevent the outer sounds to enter your room and will thus provide you with a peaceful atmosphere. You can also use acoustic felt ceiling on the ceiling of your study room. It will give your room a different look and also make it sound proof. Using wall panels will enable you to keep books and other necessary study materials on the walls. The books, which you cannot accommodate in the bookshelves, can be put in the spaces created by the wall panels. This way, you will not only make the maximum use of space but will also give a different look to your study room.

Use a Blend of Casual and Formal Décor:

In most of the cases, interior décor is either too casual in order to offer comfort or it is too formal. However, now you can have a blend of both the kind of decors. In order to create a blend of both casual and formal décor you should start with a particular side of the room. First of all, you can choose the biggest wall of the room and put a large book shelf there. Having all your books placed in one place will give the room an organized look and will also help you find books at the time of your need. Following the big bookshelf, you can place a small one to store your stationary and other documents. Thereafter, you can place your study table and chair in this section. Go for a wooden table and chair as that will not only bring you comfort but also will give your room a new look. If you have windows in this section then place the chair and table before it as then you will be exposed to a natural source of light and air. In case you have a computer, make a table so that you can fit your computer there as well. Make sure your table has some drawers to keep important papers handy.

Use some Casual Decorations:

After you have decorated a side of your room formally, you can then come to the side that you will decorate in a casual fashion. In this section, you can put a small coffee table and a comfortable bean bag. You can also add a rug of bright color in this space to make the corner look full of life. You can further use a colorful book holder to hold your collection of magazines and newspapers. If you have some space left, then you can add a small stereo system as well. Listening to soothing music while studying or working will help you concentrate better. You can also use floor cushions as they are quite in fashion today. In this way you can make your study room a warm and cozy place to work and study. You can also relax in this room with a cup of coffee and some music.

Select Proper Lighting for your Study Room:

Lighting is a very important part in the decoration of any room and the study room is no exception. In order to make your study room look bigger and brighter you should choose the lightening for the room carefully. In a study room, you will require adequate light so that you can read properly and yet you do not want your eyes to burn with lights. A great way of brightening your study room is to use and balance lights of three different colours. You can go for recessed lights on order to have an overall illumination. You can also use task lightening that is mounted under the cabinet for adding style to your work space. Finally use a pendant fixture that will give you the right amount of light on your work top.

Color your Study Room Walls Brightly:

Coloring your study room is another aspect of decorating the room. Proper uses of colors can change the look of a room drastically and that too, for good. Thus, go with bright colors when you decide to paint your study room. Using colors like green, yellow or bright cream will make the room look vibrant and full of positive energy. You will get a new enthusiasm each day as you enter the room and will be able to do your study or work in a more energetic manner.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you to deck up in your study room in a way that will neither be too formal nor be too casual. You will be able to complete your work sitting in this room and study to your heart’s content. However, these tips should be modified by you according to your situation. For example, if you have s small space for a study room, you can cut off some of the furniture that has been mentioned here. You can stick to the basic bookshelf, table and chair if you are facing a space crunch. So follow these tips according to your condition or space and have a wonderful study room.