Healthy Food Swaps


With loads and loads of vegetables out there and thousands of other nutritious foods, it’s time to swap that unhealthy diet for a more nourishing food regime. With all of the unhealthy foods you are currently consuming, you are damaging your insides without physically seeing affects. As a country, our diet is rather poor as it lacks highly in beneficial nutrition. To back this up, in 2015 a study found that only 26% of UK adults consume their five a day. To try and change this statistic, we have decided to create this infographic.


Soda and Fruit Juice

To begin instead of consuming the usual acidic fruit juices and fizzy soda, you should try matcha Water. You are able to mix your matcha powder by Clearspring in almost anything, therefore, your possibilities are endless with this product. It is a great alternative to your usual “go to” drink and will give you more energy, making you more productive during the day.



To go with your new drink, swap out those croutons in your salad and replace them with almonds! Yes, I know it sounds pretty strange, however, it is actually really tasty not to mention it is very healthy for you. They are protein packed and will give you that extra crunch and nutty flavour. Once you have tried this, you won’t ever go back to croutons.



We all know how amazing pancakes are for breakfast or a dessert after your evening meal! However, although they are so delicious, they are also very unhealthy. Do not panic though, there is a solution to this that you will like. Instead of using the regular flour when making pancakes, use Buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is gluten free and high in fibre, therefore is a great alternative, and you are still able to enjoy the goodness of pancakes!



Moving onto our next healthy alternative. We are well aware that butter is a high demand product that the majority of the British people buy very often. Therefore, the majority of people consume butter frequently. What we aren’t all aware of is that butter is actually very bad for your body due to it being rich is saturated fats. With that being said, we need to remove this from our diets and replace it with a healthier option. Our suggested alternative for butter is Coconut Oil. Coconut oil isn’t only great for your skin and hair, but it is also a wholesome substitute to fatty butter. Keep it under 23 degrees Celsius for solid coconut oil, spread it all over your toast and watch it melt lie butter.


Our next alternative is for sugar. Do you still want the sweetness of sugar but want to remove the health risks that come with it? Then the product for you is maple syrup. Instead of adding sugar to your hot drink or when baking, add maple syrup. Unlike sugar, maple syrup helps to boost the immune system and also has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it is such a better product to use!



Do you regularly consume cow’s milk? Did you know that our bodies do not absorb cow’s milk very well? Although cow’s milk contains a high quantity of calcium, a better alternative to this is almond milk. Almond milk is better absorbed by our bodies as it is a plant milk and it will also add that extra hint of flavour to your cuppa.

For our last healthy alternative, we recommend swapping the traditional white potato for a more nutritious sweet potato. While both contain a strong amount of nutritional value, sweet potatoes have far fewer carbs and calories and are higher in vitamins. As well as healthy for you, they are full of flavour therefore, you should make sure you give them a go.



To conclude, be sure to change your diet for your better as soon as possible. Although the effects of unhealthy food go unnoticed, it can be very damaging. With these healthy alternatives, you will be sure to add more nutritional value to your meals.