How A Pug Can Help Your Kids To Learn Math – Fast!

Disclosure: This is a post in partnership with StudyPug. Please refer to the site disclosure page for more details.

As a veteran homeschooling Dad of 7, I have tried and tested many online learning tools with my children, bit paid and unpaid, with varying degrees of success. What I can say is that all of my children are straight A- learners, who need to be challenged and love to work at their own pace, and also have a fast learning curve!

Teaching Maths and Science is always the most challenging part of being a homeschooling dad, especially as maths learning techniques have changed so much since my distant youth, and my memory of calculus has somewhat faded!

So when my attention was drawn to the StudyPug online learning platform,  I was keen to take it for a test drive with my two teenage children who are embarking on their SAT Prep.

Taking the pug for a walk

The one downside that I found initially is that I found the introduction to the website to be a little cumbersome, and in need of more explanation how to navigate the site and what the plans include -  there is scope for improvement in the user experience for new customers in steering them to the free preview lessons..  

However, it was well worth it, because with a little patience it became clear that the site has more than 1000 subjects covering maths and science, for all levels, up to college grade – a real bonus for a dad of 7 with kids ranging from 6 years old to 22 years of age.

 Once you navigate to the subject videos, you n your children will find the lessons to be really informative and engaging,, most importantly, the lessons utilize school textbook learning methods, so if your children attend school they will have immediate familiarity with the sequences.

It is easy to go to the links to preview the respective first questions, so that you and your children can assess what level they are at. I particularly liked the practice questions, and the motivational pug that gives your children encouragement! My children loved that and the fact that the correct answers are shown and stars that are given on each page.


The Fatherhood Biz Opinion

The immediate appeal of StudyPug  that it is comprehensive, and yet very reasonably priced , with an annual plan only costing $119 (less than $10 per month), and additional children only costing and additional $24 per year. Considerably less than most online tutoring sites, and for a large number of children like mine, that constitutes a real saving on tutors who can charge upwards of $40 per hour! One could easily pay $400 per month for a tutor to cover even one of the subject areas.

Secondly, StudyPug not only provides you with 24/7 on-demand instructional videos, but there are detailed follow up quizzes and tests that you can get your children, so checking progress is a breeze.

Thirdly, like I said above, my children like to move at light-speed so they liked the on-demand videos. Yet any child can progress at the pace that they are comfortable with, without ever being made to feel left behind if they are struggling with a topic, which commonly happens in school or conventional tutor programs.

In my view StudyPug is great aide for children of all ages, especially those who need specific help with test preparation and who need straightforward extra help with math and science classes. My children loved to use this platform to top-up their home-school math, and found it to be a useful study help, which has helped build their confidence in subjects that they were finding troublesome.

For the ease of use of the lessons, the value for money, and the very comprehensive lessons which will build your children’s confidence, Study Pug receives an A+ for effort and execution- I would urge parents to take advantage of the free 7-day trial it offers, you’ll be doing the students in your life a h(p)ug(e) favor!