Social and Competitive: 5 Types of Competitive Sports That Will Test

We typically define dexterity as being able to do something difficult quickly and effectively with your hands. With this definition in mind, it's obvious that many sports, including both social and competitive sports, can help build dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Sports Using Weapons

A group of sports that have been increasing in popularity is those that involve the use of weapons. Just think of all the people who wanted to learn archery after seeing movies and shows like Brave, The Hunger Games, and Arrow. Other examples include fencing, shooting, and Axe Throwing. With axe throwing, using the proper technique is important, as is getting the timing, angle, speed, and strength of the throw correct if you want to hit the bullseye and get the associated bragging rights.

Sports Using Racquets

Among the sports most commonly associated with dexterity are those using racquets, including table tennis, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Hitting the ball with the racquet and sending it where you want it to go requires a lot of hand-eye coordination, so playing these sports is a true test of dexterity. This is especially true when you consider how fast-moving these games can be.

Sports Using Balls

One category of sports that build dexterity that most people will quickly think of is sports using balls, such as basketball, baseball, and volleyball. You can even include soccer in this list if you include foot dexterity as well as hand dexterity. Just think, with baseball, you need to throw quickly and accurately whether you're the pitcher or in the field. As with those playing racquet-based sports, batters need to swing the bat just right to intercept the path of the ball and send it out into the field without getting a foul ball. Both types of actions test a person's dexterity.

Sports Using Sticks

Another group of sports that similarly involve a lot of dexterity are those involving the use of sticks. Think ice hockey, field hockey, and lacrosse. Players need to use their sticks to move the puck or ball down the field and either into the goal or to pass the ball to a teammate while in motion. This can require a lot more dexterity than hitting a ball while standing still, especially if someone from the opposite team is trying to steal it from you.

Sports Involving Physical Combat

Physical combat sports, including boxing and the various martial arts, round out our list of the five types of sports that test your dexterity. These sports require spatial awareness, timing, and mobility. You need to find an opening and get in your hit while still blocking any attempts by your opponent to hit you.

Although each of these sports will help you work on your dexterity, it may be best to take part in a variety of these sports rather than focusing on just one sport, especially for kids. Each sport works on different skills and uses a different range of muscles, so taking part in multiple types of sports will increase the overall benefits to your health and physical fitness.