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Social and Competitive: 5 Types of Competitive Sports That Will Test

We typically define dexterity as being able to do something difficult quickly and effectively with your hands. With this definition in mind, it's obvious that many sports, including both social and competitive sports, can help build dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Each sport works on different skills and uses a different range of muscles, so taking part in multiple types of sports will increase the overall benefits to your health and physical fitness.

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Parents, Do These 6 Things to Keep Your Student Athlete on Track

Your kid is a gifted athlete. Really gifted. As in, gifted enough to compete at the collegiate level, and maybe even to go pro. So, what can a parent like you do to ensure that your student athlete remains on track to excel on the playing field and in the classroom. You’ll want to at least consider these six items.

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3 Sports to Build Your Teens' Confidence

Some teenagers are naturally confident and outgoing, some are more shy and need to be brought out. Others take a bit of a knock - socially, hormonally - and they struggle to get back to themselves. Being a kid can be really tough and riding the highs and lows of life at a young age is more difficult than adults ever remember. What can help, though, is giving them the opportunity to get off the couch and stuck into a sport that will help to boost their self-confidence.

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