How This Man Lost 400 Pounds - With Taylor Swift's Help

By Jenna Birch for Yahoo 

Man Drops 400 Pounds with the Help of Taylor Swift

Joe Bufano was a teacher at Henninger High School in Syracuse, New York, when he met student Ronnie Brower. Even then, Brower struggled with his weight, often having to use two desks in the back of the class to sit more comfortably. 

In the years following, reported, Brower’s weight climbed toward 700 pounds. He had trouble with everyday activities, even going to the movies. Doctors told him his life was in danger without a drastic turnaround.

That’s when Brower started a life-changing journey – set to the Taylor Swift songbook. Brower, who is a fan of the country-pop singer/songwriter, would work up a sweat to her many hits, like “Shake It Off,”“Red,”“Mean”and “Style.” He also cut the junk out of his diet and trained at Mission Fitness. 

During this time, Bufano (now a friend of Brower’s) would stop by the gym to check on his progress. When Brower dropped below 400 pounds, Bufano gifted him a trip to the Adirondacks for swimming. If Brower reached his initial goal of losing 425 pounds, Bufano said he’d take him to see Swift in concert.

After an awe-inspiring turnaround, the two will be attending the singer’s June 3 show in Cleveland — something Brower said “would mean the world to me, because her music was a huge part of getting me through my workouts.”

Bufano made a video of his friend’s incredible transformation, set to Swift’s song “Change,”with a message attached for Brower’s inspiration, which you can check out above.

Brower’s last goal is to meet Swift in person at the concert. After listening to her for some time now, here’s hoping she hears his short message. He’s definitely earned it.