How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Men´s Jeans


For most men, jeans are a wardrobe essential. Finding and buying the perfect pair really is the Holy Grail. Once you get this right, putting together the rest of your casual wardrobe becomes a whole lot easier.

Work out what body type you are

The first step to buying any type of clothing is to understand your body type. Once you have done this, finding the best cuts for you will become far easier.

Educate yourself about which cuts work for your body type

Now all you need to do is to go online and find out which cuts are most likely to work for your body type. For example, high rise jeans are a great option for the stocky man, but they will swamp skinnier men.

If you are a thin man, look for slim or regular fit jeans with a low-rise waistline. These styles also work well for athletic men. They can also wear relaxed jeans.

Muscular men usually look their best wearing straight legged jeans. However, for them, boot cut or skinny jeans are normally not a good idea.

Try on a few pairs

Once you know what cut you should be looking for, grab a pile and try them on. When you do so, really look at yourself in the mirror. Work out which brands and versions look best on you and add them on your short list.

Once you have whittled your choice down to just a few pairs, take the time to try each of them on again. Be sure to put on your shoes, and turn the leg up to the right length. If you normally wear a belt, put it on.

This is the only way to properly see how well they hang. Once you find a pair that you really like sit down in them, bend over and squat down. As you go through these movements think about how they feel and check how they look in the mirror. If they cut into you put them back and continue your search for the perfect pair of jeans.

The material

It is really important to buy jeans that are made from good quality denim. How heavy the fabric should be depends on the cut. Skinny jeans can still look good even if they are made from quite lightweight denim. Whereas a boot cut pair will need to be made from a far heavier fabric. If they are made from thin fabric they will not hold their form or hang properly.

Buy multiple pairs

Once you find a brand and cut that really looks great on you, buy several pairs. That way when the company stops making that particular cut, you will not be left high and dry.

Taking care of your jeans

Once you have found the fabled ´perfect pair of jeans´ it is important to take care of them in the right way. You need to launder and store them properly and keep them in good repair. Provided you do this, you will be able to enjoy wearing them for many years. This simple article explains the right way to take care of a pair of blue jeans and keep them looking good for longer.