Slick Daddy: Staying & Looking Young In Your Macho Years

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While men usually age well if they adhere to the correct health habits and attitudes, becoming a silver fox in the mature, macho years might take a little extra work. It’s never a given that you’ll grow better with age, but if you apply the right grooming care routine to your schedule, you can be a little closer to making it so.

Everyone has different motivations for looking younger, but on the whole, it can boil down to the confidence that a good appearance provides. Having this will allow you to feel more authoritative in the office, and more attractive to your spouse. Not only that, but grooming in the right way actually helps you feel healthier and more energetic, and taking care of yourself each morning and night can even ward off feelings of depression.

But how can you look younger without having to consistently spend hours getting ready each morning? Physical preparation is one thing in the morning, but mental preparation in the effort of getting set up for your day is just as useful, if not more so. The following tips are time-effective ways of reducing the years from your appearance.



This is something which requires absolutely no time or financial investment. All you need to do is slowly train yourself to become a glass half full kind of guy. Looking at the world with a positive mindset gives you the opportunity to express yourself well in all aspects of life. It affords you the opportunity to smile in the presence of challenge. It also helps you stop taking everything so seriously all the time - a life lesson which is of the most value to learn. Doing this will imbue your behavior with a lighter step, helping you seem younger and carefree.



Of course, not all physical age can be reduced with a simple shift in attitude. Genuinely applying great products to your skin and hair can help you shed years from your apparent age. Liberal use of anti-wrinkle cream can help here, morning and night. Don’t be swindled by paying out more for a ‘menscare’ brand of wrinkle cream, as they often include the exact same ingredients as the feminine variety, which you can often find cheaper and more suitably. Identify what sensitivity level your skin has and adapt the product you choose to those requirements. However, sometimes creams do not override sagging cheeks, eye hollowing and other milestones of physical age.

For these issues, it could be worthwhile having a simple Face and Body procedure done, as cosmetic work is more reliable and non-intrusive than ever. Within a matter of days, you could have the chiseled looks you have wanted even before you aged, and it doesn’t take a large procedure to do it.


Quitting Drinking

Many men enjoy a drink, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. A long, hard week of work culminates in a tired attitude in need of some serious R&R. It’s likely that you yourself can be found in a bar or a pub with your friends on a Friday night, or kicking back with a few beers in front of the television. While this can be a wonderful way to relax, even a small amount of beers can catch up with you as you mature.

Quitting drinking, or having drink-free periods, will completely detox your system and give you a new lease of energy and life. It will help you sleep better, feel more active and engaged, and more emotionally stable. It’s likely that if you stop drinking in this way you’ll feel better than you have in years. Give it a try, especially over the winter months. You may just find that the person who looks back at you in the mirror is the best version of yourself within no time at all.