How Dad Can Be A Child's Great Friend

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For a healthy relationship to develop with a child, it will all have to depend on mom and dad. Always initiate steps to make your relationship blossom. Do this until your child can have a comfort level to confide in you without apprehensions. Aside from being a dad, it's also fun to be your child's best friend. Doing this requires more than buying him/her his favorite ride on toys or accessories. Listen to your child's words and uncertainties. Don't be judgmental but rather be understanding.

When your child feels like you are a friend who understands, things get better. It can even be the start of a good and life-long relationship.


Have fun with your child



See to it that you spend as much time with your child. Make sure that the time you spend is quality time. Time flies so fast for older people and that should be enough reason to attend to your child now as a good dad.

Do not confine your relationship with your child at home. Take a walk in the park, spend time on the beach, play soccer or baseball. Getting involved would light up your child's eyes with appreciation. In later years, you and your child can reminisce with good feelings.


Be the dad you want to be

You have experienced the tenderness showered on you by your own dad. After all were also a child once. Think back and recall your parent's rules on discipline. Also, remember the encouragements and the criticisms.

You can draw from such experiences and apply them to your child. But, if own your dad failed in his duties, this would be a golden opportunity to make things right with your child. Be more involved with your child's needs so history won't repeat itself.  


Join in when your child plays


Children love to play and that is a natural fact. Be a teammate to your child in play when the opportunity presents itself. There is nothing better to boost the child's confidence than partnering up with good old "Dad".

This act will certainly make your relationship stronger. Take time off from your busy life and be a kid with your child! It's fun and it will help you unwind.


Involve them with your daily activities


Like playing games, chores around the house can be as much fun. It becomes fun when you ask your child to help out with chores. Ask your child to help you out at the grocery store. You can also ask for help in cleaning the garage.

Get silly and wet as you wash the car together. When asked these, watch the child's eyes light up. The child would feel more of a buddy than a child. It would also be an opportunity for bonding.


Show your child affection appropriately

You need to constantly remind your children that you love them. Nothing can be more effective than a kiss, an embrace, a hug or a snuggle. It comes naturally for a child to feel secure when touched these ways.

Fathers feeling awkward to show such actions is just plain bull, pardon the term. These physical manifestations will give assurance to your child. Complement these actions with tender words and your child will feel secure and loved. A loved child will always be a happy one.


Appreciate your child

When your child errs, offer constructive criticisms. It's never a good idea to result to let-downs or bullying. Remember, when dealing with your child, always be gentle. On the other hand, when your child performs well, show your appreciation.

An incentive will be good, like a special treat or just a pat on the back. Appreciating will encourage him to do better and will also build up confidence.


Listen and share


Just like a friend, ask about your child's day in school. Do this by asking him/her to tell stories rather than asking point-blank. Your child might feel uncomfortable with direct inquiries. It's time to shake those questions off and try the sharing approach.

Start maybe with how your office day went and then ask your child how his/her day went. Talk about your school days then and how they are different from school days now. But be sure, you need to make your child listen. Be creative and not boring with your narrations.


Never, ever lay a hand on your child

Do not ever get physical with your child. That is a no-no in child parenting. Same goes with your wife. There is no good reason to abuse a child or a woman. Such is a cowardly act and once you practice this, being a great dad or a great husband is now out of the picture.

Your achievements and position mean nothing when you are an abusive person. Besides physical abuse, verbal abuse is as bad.

Your child embodies innocence and calling him/her stupid or any other inappropriate adjective is wrong. This will make your child feel denigrated and inferior. Eventually, your child will lose trust in you.

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