3 Cheap Ways to Bring Your Car Back to Life


For many people a new car every few years is simply not an option in terms of money. For others it is simply a fact that they feel buying a new car is simply not the best way to go. Whatever the reason there are millions of people out there driving cars that are 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years old. These cars, in many cases, are mechanically sound but it is fair to say they may look a little tired!

There are some easy ways to breathe a little life back into an old car and at the same time bring back some of the pleasure and pride of ownership without buying a new car.

Wheel Refurb

Nothing ages a car like damaged, scuffed and dull alloy wheels. It is almost a subconscious part of the car but wheels in a poor state make the rest of the car look terrible. There was a time when getting alloy wheels repaired cost a great deal of money but these days it is not the case. With a increase in usage of alloy wheels came a huge increase in wheel refurb businesses like wheelsrus.biz . These kinds of places are able to repair a single wheel or all of them if needs be. Prices vary depending on the work needed and how badly damaged the wheel is but you could end up with a 4 wheels as good as new for around £200! Not only will you feel like your car looks a lot better you will also be adding value to the car itself.

If you do not have alloy wheels but your wheel trims are in a poor state then simply pop to your local Halfords or similar and pick up a set of replacement trims. These will be far cheaper than manufacturer specific trims. That being said, for many people they simply prefer to replace the damaged wheel trims with the original type. If this is the case places like eBay are ideal; avoid going to a local dealer as the price will be considerably higher!


Audio Upgrade

A large proportion of the older cars on the roads will have a fairly basic sound system when it comes to tech. They may sound great but Bluetooth, DAB radio and USB ports are not common place. Installing a brand new car stereo with all the bells and whistles will really bring the car up to date. To make sure that you have excellent sound, become a Speaker Champion and install great sounding speakers! A proper hands-free Bluetooth phone system is very useful and a legal requirement if you are ever going to need to speak to people when on the move. But also simply having a USB port to charge a mobile phone in a car that perhaps doesn’t have them anywhere can make a big difference. DAB radio offers a massive range of channels and can make longer journeys a real pleasure.

You do not have to spend a huge amount of money and a new stereo that gives you DAB, Bluetooth and USB access will really breathe new life into your time spent in the car. As already mentioned, Halfords are able to supply and fit audio systems. 



So here is a free one! Yes, totally free. Over the years everyone ends up with more stuff in their car than they need. It could be a pointless old map book in the boot or a glove box full of out of date sweets. It might even be rubbish under the seats or those “spare shoes” you keep in the car but will never wear. All of these things add up to make the car look old and untidy. But it doesn’t stop there, they all add weight too! Most people would be stunned how much extra weight they were carrying around in their car made up of basically rubbish! So set some time aside to go through the car from boot to glove box and remove anything you do not need. Be ruthless and do it while giving the interior a proper deep clean. The next time you sit in your car you will feel like it’s a new space to be in and you might save some money on fuel too!

There are a huge number of other little things that can help make your car feel young again; simple things like air fresheners, a full valet inside and out and even professional detailing. These can all add up to really bring your car back into your heart and as has already been said…add value to it too.

There will be a pint where you will need to buy a new car but do not drive around in misery for the want of a little investment for a lot of pleasure. Breathe some life back into your trusty car!