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Most famous cars ever used in movies

Some of the most famous cars in the world have been used in some of the best films in the world brought to you from alloy wheel repair specialists. For example, the 1963 Aston martin DB5 which was used in the 007 film Gold Finger in the year 1964. Some of the special features include revolving license plate, tire slashing blades, smoke screen and a slick ejector seat. Bond had many memorable moments with this car but you would have to say the most memorable would have to be, Bond ejecting a bad guy sitting in the passenger seat.

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3 Cheap Ways to Bring Your Car Back to Life

For many people a new car every few years is simply not an option in terms of money. For others it is simply a fact that they feel buying a new car is simply not the best way to go. Whatever the reason there are millions of people out there driving cars that are 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years old. These cars, in many cases, are mechanically sound but it is fair to say they may look a little tired! There are some easy ways to breathe a little life back into an old car and at the same time bring back some of the pleasure and pride of ownership without buying a new car.

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Low-Key Car Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re an avid car lover or want to know more about looking after your wheels, learning how your car works is a satisfying experience. Being a dad doesn’t leave you with a lot of spare time, but these simple tips are effective and low-effort...

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