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Most famous cars ever used in movies

Some of the most famous cars in the world have been used in some of the best films in the world brought to you from alloy wheel repair specialists. For example, the 1963 Aston martin DB5 which was used in the 007 film Gold Finger in the year 1964. Some of the special features include revolving license plate, tire slashing blades, smoke screen and a slick ejector seat. Bond had many memorable moments with this car but you would have to say the most memorable would have to be, Bond ejecting a bad guy sitting in the passenger seat.

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Daddy Friendly Films: A Family Tradition

To say that movies have become a part of my family’s DNA would be an extreme understatement. On top of our Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu subscriptions, we own more DVDs than we can comfortably store. We replay classics...

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