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Is It Safe For Children To Wear Jewellery?

As any dad of a little girl will know, our young princesses love to play dress-up and play with their with mom’s jewellery, and when we take them shopping, the shining trinkets in the department store display cases are magical attractions for them! But it's also important to consider what is a safe and appropriate age for your little one to start wearing jewellery , so here is some advice and steps to take to make sure that your child not only has fun but also wears her jewellery safely

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Plan An Amazing Family Vacation To Lake Buena Vista

If you have been wanting to visit Orlando, Florida, then you probably want to stay somewhere near Disney. This area is known as Lake Buena Vista. With a number of beautiful neighborhoods, shopping areas, and proximity to parks, this is one of the best areas for families to stay in Central Florida. In this piece, we break down all of the things to do and the best hotels to stay in the sections below.

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Daddy Friendly Films: A Family Tradition

To say that movies have become a part of my family’s DNA would be an extreme understatement. On top of our Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu subscriptions, we own more DVDs than we can comfortably store. We replay classics...

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