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Teenager's First Car: How To Keep Calm

When your kids grow into teenagers, you know it’s only a matter of time before they start thinking about getting a driver’s license. Soon after this, you’ll be picking out their very first car. Naturally, they’d like to be cruising around in a head-turner, yet safety happens to be on the top of your list - so how do you choose one that makes everyone happy, without breaking the bank?

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Don't Make One Of These Motorcycling Mishaps

You may be attracted by the speed of the superbikes, the low guttural drawl of a chopper or want something classical like a harley. Bikes are awesome, and whether you want to ride them as part of a hobby or as your full time transport this guide can help you get started. They can be quite dangerous...

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Low-Key Car Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re an avid car lover or want to know more about looking after your wheels, learning how your car works is a satisfying experience. Being a dad doesn’t leave you with a lot of spare time, but these simple tips are effective and low-effort...

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