Don't Make One Of These Motorcycling Mishaps

Don't Make One Of These Motorcycling Mishaps

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You may be attracted by the speed of the superbikes, the low guttural drawl of a chopper or want something classical like a harley. Bikes are awesome, and whether you want to ride them as part of a hobby or as your full time transport this guide can help you get started. They can be quite dangerous, so you must know the risks involved prior to getting into biking and not make the mistake of growing complacent when you have gained experience.

Remember, it’s completely different to driving a car, you spacial awareness needs to completely change Here are a few mistakes both newbies and seasoned bikers can make quite frequently..

Never Stop Learning

Just like a normal car based driving test, you’ll need to pass a motorcycle test too. However, the learning process is slightly different as you’ll be learning on your own motorcycle. Some schools of learning can provide a bike, but it is better you use your own to guarantee familiarity with the bike.

You should try to choose a lower CC bike at first, which can be easier to pass a test with. You can always sell it and get a better bike afterwards. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know it all once you have completed your test, it can always be good to go back over previous guides, if you’re yet to take your test there is lots to learn more about here.

Don’t Choose Poor Leathers

Don't Make One Of These Motorcycling Mishaps

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Anyone who doesn’t use leathers whilst riding a bike is foolish. They can stop you getting some nasty cuts and scrapes if you come off and offer padding to the knees and elbows which often hit the ground first.

They also assist you if you come into a slide and can help protect you from sparks and fire. The same applies to gloves, which can sometimes come with the leathers set. If you drive at high speeds leathers can also help you stay warm. They also have an aerodynamic element to them allowing you a saving on fuel. You can get leathers in all kinds of designs, just make sure they fit because being uncomfortable on a bike can lead to accidents. You can find some of the better leathers here.

Know Your Place On The Road

Being a biker on the road can be a great advantage, the smaller vehicles can weave between traffic quite easily and get to the front of ques. Their acceleration will also keep all but the fastest of cars behind, meaning overtaking is super easy. They can be great for inner city driving, whilst also reigning supreme on the long motorways. Yet, there are key dangers.

A bike is of course far smaller than a car, which means you can be missed. Car drivers have blind spots, so it is best you read up on these and know where they are, if you are in a car’s blind spot expect them to pull out at any moment, don’t wait for them to indicate because they might not. Trust your own senses and never trust anyone else's. Being a motorcycle driver can be mentally exhausting. But constantly thinking ahead and being ready for any eventuality makes you a great driver. Remember, you’ll always hurt yourself far more than any car driver, so be more careful. This is sometimes hard to get used to if you’ve always been used to driving a car.

Respect The Corners

Even after your test you’ll be learning how to corner effectively. All corners are different, and depending where you live you could come up against differing corners all the time. Each corner requires a different way of leaning, braking and accelerating. The trick is to never go into a corner thinking you know how long it is or when it will end. Take it for how it is and never assume. Otherwise you could over compensate or come up too early, leaving you either slipping off or hitting the edge. Experience helps and before long it will become second nature. Just be respectful and you’ll be fine.

Don’t Underestimate The Whether

Rain, snow and storms will affect you more than car drivers because you are actually physically out there. It can be quite miserable, especially when riding long distance, so be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand. Also, wear overalls. This way you’ll stay dry. It is most effective on the way to work, because no one wants to spend the day in wet clothes.

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