Low-Key Car Maintenance Tips

Low-Key Car Maintenance Tips

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Whether you’re an avid car lover or want to know more about looking after your wheels, learning how your car works is a satisfying experience.

Being a dad doesn’t leave you with a lot of spare time, but these simple tips are effective and low-effort. Not only will small fixes increase the life expectancy of your car, but the feeling of fixing the problem and discovering a new hobby can help you to make a positive change personally too. Check out some low-key car maintenance tips below.

Flip Through The Manual

Seems pretty straightforward right? Fish your car’s manual out of the corner of the garage and take the time to read it through. Your car’s manual holds the information on what makes your car tick, and how regularly you should be working on your car. Regardless of how long you have been driving or the car you drive, reading the manual will give you a better understanding of how it runs.

Check The Fluids

Teach yourself how to check your car’s fluid levels. Open up the hood and get to grips with where everything is. In most cases you can see the tank level straight away and most have gauges that you can pull out. Pulling this out allows you to check current levels against your car’s optimal levels.

Battery Life

Your car battery is the unsung hero under the hood. Today, your battery probably doesn’t need to be maintained as often, but it’s important to know where it is. Check your battery regularly in case of leaking or mineral build up. Cleaning your battery is pretty low-maintenance but remember to take care as car batteries should be installed by a professional.

Oil Slick

Check out the color of your oil. Learning how to check the oil levels in your car isn’t as time-consuming as you think. However, understanding the difference between clean oil and murky oil will tell you if something is wrong with your engine. There is no overarching recommendation for when you should change your oil, you should find that information in your car’s manual.

Rotate And Balance

Your tires bear the brunt of your car’s journeys. It’s important to look after your car’s tires so that they wear evenly and keep your ride driving smoothly. Your car’s manual will have more information on how to maintain them correctly. Getting your tires rotated and balanced will make them last longer. Also, don’t forget to check the alignment of your tires as this affects how your car drives and makes for a smoother ride.


Maintaining your car can be fun as well as rewarding - but be sure to leave the big problems for the professionals. There are many small fixes and preventative measures you can attend to yourself but that doesn’t mean your car is set. Get your car serviced regularly to avoid bigger problems in the future.

Do you have any low-key car tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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