Do You Have All These Alarms In Your Home?

Do You Have All These Alarms In Your Home?

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The home can be a dangerous place. In fact, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else, according to facts and figures. Injuries at home can often be the fault of trips, falls or even spilled drinks. But there are some much more serious home emergencies you need to watch out for.

That’s why it helps to have some alarms around the house. They can raise an alert whenever something hazardous is likely to occur in your home. While you might know the most obvious ones, many alarms that can help save you in your home. Here are some you might need.

Security Alarm

A burglary can be devastating to families. Not only will it damage your home, but it can also leave the people inside traumatized. Not to mention the fact that you’ll lose a lot of precious and valuable belongings. That’s why every home absolutely needs to have a security alarm system.

Your home might have come with one already installed. But still, you might want an upgrade. If you don’t have one, it’s essential you get one as soon as you possibly can. There are many options when it comes to home security, so look around at some online resources. For instance, rank Frontpoint Security best.

Make sure you have sensors all around the home. Burglars might try to break in through your garage or porch, so secure these as well as the living areas.

Smoke Alarm

Your smoke alarm is the most important alarm in your house, alongside your security alarm. Every home needs these, preferably in all rooms. It’s especially important in the kitchen, where fires can break out quickly due to cooking.

Without a smoke alarm, you’re twice as likely to die in a house fire. House fires cause over 3,000 deaths and 15,000 injuries each year in the USA. They can happen in both residential and commercial buildings, so make sure you’re safe.

A smoke alarm helps you prevent potentially fatal accidents. It’ll also help prevent any damage to your home. Ensure that you have one in your house.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Over 400 people die each year die of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home according to It’s odorless and colorless, often making it completely undetectable. Even a small dose can make you seriously ill, so it’s essential to detect it.

Ensure that you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. It’s a small investment that can save your life. Some of these can also detect smoke or other gasses as well as carbon monoxide.

Propane Detector

Propane can fill up rooms fast. It can put you at risk of serious illness. It could even cause an explosion in your house. You might not have considered this before, but it’s worth having a propane detector.

Propane can come from things like gas grills. It’s also important to have one of these if you use a vehicle which uses propane tanks, like an RV for road tripping. You’ll be alarmed to any trace of the gas so you can save yourself.

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