Old Coffee: Drink It Or Dump It?

Old Coffee: Drink It Or Dump It?

Drinking coffee has become a necessity for many people today. Especially for busy people, coffee has been a tool in surviving the daily living. In the recent times, coffee is very much available for everyone. There is apparently a wide access today to drinking and consuming a large amount of coffee. Moreover, the usual one cup is not enough for some.

There are times that people tend to consume and get a huge amount of coffee and leave it unnoticeably for certain time. Now, the unique problem about this is, this old coffee is still drinkable or not? In actuality, it depends highly on several factors.

1. How Long The Coffee Has Been There?

Apparently, anything edible that has been already exposed to air from the open wide, the lifespan tends to decrease. In addition, the taste gets unacceptable especially when coffee is the subject of the matter. Some coffee may still be drinkable even on long exposure to open air but there is no assurance that the taste remains the same. It is still much better to dump it and just get a new and fresh one. Besides, coffee is best served hot!

2. Is There Milk In The Coffee?

It is in no doubt that a lot of coffee lovers put and include milk in their coffee drinks. Creamer is one example in this case. Generally any dairy product that has been exposed to open moist conditions, turns sour - due to the fact that dairy products consist of bacteria that negatively affects the overall taste. Now, when coffee drinks with creamer have been already left for quite some time, don't hesitate to dump it and get a new one.

3. What Is The Quality Of The Coffee?

Always take into consideration the quality of the coffee to purchase because it largely affects the overall stability of the coffee during consumption and brewing. In actuality, as what people say, you always get what you pay for. Try enough that the quality affects the lifespan.

There are a lot of cheap coffee in the market today that seems to be wise in terms of budgeting and cost reductions but take note that it is not as always attractive as well to anyone's tastes. Nevertheless, always choose the best quality when purchasing coffee.

4. Is There Cream In It? What Is The Quality Of Cream?

Same principles with the milk above stated, the milk and creamer added to the coffee drink largely affects the lifespan of the coffee. In addition, not only the quality of the coffee must be checked but also the quality of the creamer. There are a lot of creamers as well that are being made available to the market to serve its purpose to any coffee however, always choose the best quality that suits the quality of the coffee being chosen.

5. Are You Cleaning Your Coffee Maker Properly?

Brewing coffee drinks using excellent drip coffee makers with stainless steel body is quite recommended especially to coffee lovers. These drip coffees are excellent in producing all of the essences of the coffee beans. Now, in terms of the lifespan of the coffee, make sure that these coffee makers are well cleaned before brewing new batches because the residues of the previous coffees largely affect the freshness and lifespan of the newly brewed coffee.

6. Will Microwaving The Coffee Kill Bacteria?

Common misconception today about reheating coffee through microwaves is that it kills the accumulated bacteria after being exposed to an open space for a very long time. Apparently, the microwave only reheats the outside part going inside. The bacteria-killing capability is not actually one of a microwave's ability and purpose. Better to reheat these coffee drinks on actual stoves. However, it is still much and way better to just get a new cup of coffee instead of taking risks.

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