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Should You Let Your Child Drink Coffee?

It starts innocently enough—a sip of your Frappuccino while chilling at the coffee shop, a healthy gulp of your morning coffee during breakfast. Before you know it, your child is begging to have a sip of coffee every day, and while it may seem cute at first, you also wonder whether it’s right to have your kid drink coffee at such an early age and how caffeine can affect your child’s health.

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Old Coffee: Drink It Or Dump It?

Drinking coffee has become a necessity for many people today. Especially for busy people, coffee has been a tool in surviving the daily living. In the recent times, coffee is very much available for everyone. There is apparently a wide access today to drinking and consuming a large amount of coffee. There are times that people tend to consume and get a huge amount of coffee and leave it unnoticeably for certain time. Now, the unique problem about this is, is this old coffee is still drinkable or not? In actuality, it depends highly on several factors.…

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