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Modern Alarm System Upgrades That Your Family Should Be Embracing

Do you know that a home is being burgled every 15 seconds in the US? With tech innovations, criminals are more equipped than ever. Here's a guide on how to upgrade an old alarm system and updates on modern alarm system features.

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Expert Tips To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

How safe is your home while you’re away on vacation? It’s not a nice question to answer, is it? Nobody wants to imagine their home being broken into at any time, but there’s something particularly heartbreaking about coming back from a wonderful, relaxing trip to find your property violated. With that in mind, what steps can you take to minimize your risk of being burglarized while you’re on vacation?

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Do You Have All These Alarms In Your Home?

The home can be a dangerous place. In fact, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else, according to facts and figures. Injuries at home can often be the fault of trips, falls or even spilled drinks. But there are some much more serious home emergencies you need to watch out for. That’s why it helps to have some alarms around the house...

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