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The Online World Can Be A Nightmare For Dads

It’s fair to say that the internet is supposed to make life easier. That’s what everyone claims, anyway. We work online now, we date online now, we buy, we do everything and it’s meant to be a piece of cake. That’s not true for dads though...

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What Is The Best Way To Carry Your Phone, Cash And Cards?

When out and about, many dads carry their babies and toddlers – it’s a badge of honor that modern dads wear with pride. But for a lot of dads, also carrying the gear that the children seem to need (but end up not using…), the diaper bags, toys, spare clothing and more, can be a real chore!

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Don't Make One Of These Motorcycling Mishaps

You may be attracted by the speed of the superbikes, the low guttural drawl of a chopper or want something classical like a harley. Bikes are awesome, and whether you want to ride them as part of a hobby or as your full time transport this guide can help you get started. They can be quite dangerous...

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