What Is The Best Way To Carry Your Phone, Cash And Cards?

What Is The Best Way To Carry Your Phone, Cash And Cards?

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When out and about, many dads carry their babies and toddlers – it’s a badge of honor that modern dads wear with pride. But for a lot of dads, also carrying the gear that the children seem to need (but end up not using…), the diaper bags, toys, spare clothing and more, can be a real chore!

Men never seem to have enough hands or pockets for our own essentials, our cash, credit cards and of course, our modern lifeline – our phones. So these days, wallets have to be large enough, sleek, and functional, but not small enough to lose.

Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

After a sleepless night with the baby, probably…ah, of course I’m forgetting a gizmo that no dad can seemingly live without these days without (no, not another win by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in the English Premier Soccer League) - your iphone.  You’ll need yet another pocket for that too – and that’s something else you want to keep secure and safe, and you often see men walking around with kids  unsafe pockets bulging with iphone and wallet stuffed with cash – an accident waiting to happen when travelling.

How To Keep Your Phone, Cash And Cards Safe

A discreet way to avoid tearing your pocket lining and losing your precious items is an iphone wallet that will not only help  keep your cash and cards safe when out, but also protect your phone should your little one decide that its’ fun to drop it when you leave your phone on the table at home. Of course as Apple seem crank out new versions of their phones almost every few months these days, you might decide to upgrade, and treat yourself to a stylish new iphone 7 wallet case to show off to your fellow dads when you take the kids to the latest dads meetup group.

What Men Need To Carry With Them At All Times

Unless you live in Mediterranean Europe, men can’t carry purses without (a) wearing a dress (b) being relentlessly mocked by friends and co-workers (c) losing a bet (d) all/any combination of the above.; Everything we need for the day has to be in one place. If you are like me, almost all your daily transactions are done over the internet or by credit card, so it is possible to travel light – here a few things you may need to have with you at all times

  1. $20+ in cash
  2. Photo IDs
  3. Credit cards
  4. Store Cards
  5. Medical Insurance Cards
  6. Business cards
  7. (…plus your Smartphone, of course)

So whether you are with kids in hand, on your chest, or on your back, you can carry all these items and have everything that you need when you are out and about in your iPhone case with card holder, and ready to face the enjoyable hubbub that is modern fatherhood!!

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