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5 Ways to Combat a Couch Potato Kid

The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that children spend an average of 7 hours per day using screens. Shocking. Even the most ardent media lover can see that this is very, very wrong. So why are kids glued to screens more and more? Well, why are you? Unless you are incredibly self-disciplined (and I'm not), then you too are using screens more than ever before. Heck, for most of us, our smartphones are connected to us by an invisible umbilical cord. They come with us wherever we go - even into the bathroom or bedroom!

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Choosing A Mobile Phone For Your Child

The smartphone era has brought extremely tough challenges for parents who need to get phones for their children. The competition from smartphone companies makes it even harder with new gadgets and new features being rolled out at nauseating speeds. Whether it is an Android, Windows or...

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What Is The Best Way To Carry Your Phone, Cash And Cards?

When out and about, many dads carry their babies and toddlers – it’s a badge of honor that modern dads wear with pride. But for a lot of dads, also carrying the gear that the children seem to need (but end up not using…), the diaper bags, toys, spare clothing and more, can be a real chore!

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