How To Cope With Being An Unemployed Dad

A job is something everyone will need at one point because it’s what will give you money and will allow you to support your family. If you’re a father and you happen to lose your job, things are even more complicated. As you’re supposed to be the pillar of the family, you feel like everything will come crumbling if you’re not able to support your family.  

So, how do you deal with the overwhelming stress that won’t let you sleep at night? Here are some tips to help you survive and come out stronger than ever.  

●       Find Time to Grieve 

As much as you want to keep it all together, bottling your emotions up is possibly the worst thing you can do. Loss requires anyone to grieve, and if you don’t, your mood will only get worse as time passes, and even end up having a mental breakdown at one point. 

Losing a job is never easy, so make sure you take the time to sit back and allow yourself time to grieve. It’s a healthy way to move forward.  

●       Talk to People 

After losing something, even a job, people feel the need to reach out. In some situations, they don’t – either because they fear judgment or because they don’t want to burden others. However, in front of overwhelming stress and unemployment, you need to surround yourself with people who are able to understand you. 

Make sure you talk to the important people in your life, even your family that depends on you. It will help you get stuff out of the way, and even help them understand the situation. 

●       Exercise and Eat Well 

Exercising is not only good for staying in shape and maintaining physical health – it’s also good for your mental health. Basically, exercising releases endorphins, which are hormones known to boost your mood. Therefore, you should definitely consider exercising. 

In addition, alimentation is important as well, so don’t neglect it. Avoid nicotine, abstain from having loads of alcohol, and minimize refined carbs and sugar. Eat healthy food that will improve your mood and give you energy, such as omega-3 fatty acids. 

●       Offer Some Stability and Assurance 

After you have just lost your job, you won’t be the only one affected; your family (including kids) will be too. They may not feel the pressure of money themselves, but they will understand that something is not exactly right. When they see that you are worried, they get worried as well – which in turn will make you even more depressed. 

To avoid this bad bath, you will have to provide some stability and reassurance – and tell them that things will eventually get better. Not only will your family feel better, but this way, you’ll be able to start believing your own words. 

●       Surround Yourself with Positive People 

Emotions are pretty much infections – so by surrounding yourself with the right people, you should be able to overcome this stage of your life. Don’t stay around those who are in constant long-drawn pity-parties. Instead, go for those that influence you for the best, and can actually help you find a solution. 

For example, if you surround yourself with positive people, you may be able to find out certain irregularities about the way you lost your job. They may guide you towards a labor and employment law firm, which may actually fix your problem. 

●       Look for New Jobs 

You’ve lost your older job, but the world hasn’t come to an end. Once you’re done grieving and your mood has significantly improved, it’s time to start the search and try finding a new suitable job. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work from the first try. At one point, you will surely be able to get a new job. All you need is desire and patience.


Final Thoughts 

Losing a job can be a daunting experience for everyone, so you’re not in the wrong for feeling so down. However, it’s important to remember that life doesn’t end here, and it might be a chance to a better life if you know what to do from that point on.  

If you think your loss of a job was unjust, then seek the help of an employment lawyer – he will be able to investigate and advise you what to do.