How To Help Out Family Members Who Are Struggling With Money

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Family is the greatest thing in the world but there’s no doubt about it, it certainly comes with a hefty price tag. Everybody has sleepless nights worrying about money from time to time, but for dads knowing how to look after your money is especially important. It so true that it takes a village to raise a child which is why family is worth its weight in gold when you have children to raise.  


How Can You Help Out?

According to a report by The Department of Agriculture at the beginning of 2017, the cost of raising just one child is $233,610. That’s a great deal of pressure on fathers to remain financially secure. The simplest and easiest way you could help a family member out who might be struggling with the financial strain of raising a child is to offer to look after their little ones for free while they work to offset the cost of childcare. Everybody has to make a living but the cost of childcare can take a huge chunk out of a working parent’s wage. If you are able to give some of your free time to your family member in this way then you can be sure that they will be extremely grateful.


Good Credit Can Go A Long Way

As with everything in the financial world, everything comes down to how good your credit score is. According to most people don't realize that credit scores are categorized by lenders in relation to what interest rate is going to be offered . To make sure any borrowings that either yourself or a family member may take out in the future is offered at the lowest interest rate, credit rating scores need to be as high as possible. Credit scores range from 300 to 850 with the best interest rates being given out to those with scores of 650 and above.  It’s hard enough to make ends meet when you have children who are financially dependent on you, but paying more than you need to on car payments or mortgages is the last thing anybody needs.


It’s All In The Delivery

Nobody likes to see their family members struggle to make ends meet. Money is a difficult subject to bring up amongst family but there are ways you can help someone who is bad with money without making them feel attacked or singled out. It’s a difficult balance to strike between extending a helping hand and making someone feel like they are in need of charity, but if you take the right approach you may just be the change in a family member’s life that they badly need.