How To Make Babysitting Easier

How To Make Babysitting Easier

Babysitting is a great way to earn a side income while spending time with children who bring you joy. Before taking on a new babysitting job, there are a few tips to ensure your time goes as smoothly as possible and without issue.


Get to Know the Children You Are Babysitting Beforehand


Getting to know the children you plan to babysit ahead of time is highly recommended, especially if you are unfamiliar with their ages or their lifestyle. When meeting the parents of the children you plan to watch, spend time with each child to learn more about their personalities and how they respond to you.


Ensure that the children are well-behaved and respond to authority before taking on a new babysitting job to minimize the risk of meltdowns and potential trouble.


Ask for a List of Duties from the Parents


Ask for a list of duties that should be handled from the parents of the child you plan to babysit. Depending on the age of the child, your duties are likely to vary.


Review the list in its entirety to ensure you feel comfortable with what is requested of you throughout the duration of the job. If you are not ready or unwilling to take on specific duties, speak up and share your thoughts with the parents before moving forward.


Collect Emergency Contact Information


Always collect emergency contact information from parents before they head out for the day or evening. Keep a list of phone numbers and email addresses of the parents, relatives, and nearby neighbors on the family’s refrigerator or safely stored in your phone in case of emergency.


Ask the parents which method of contact is best and when it is necessary to contact local emergency services if you are in need. It is also important to clarify whether or not the parents of the child are available while you are babysitting in case you have additional questions or concerns regarding the well-being of their child.


Request a Master Key


Children are notorious for getting into trouble or doing things that they believe are silly and funny, even when they are not. If you are playing outdoors with a toddler who has just learned to walk, you run the risk of getting locked out of the house as they explore new items and their surroundings.


Request a master key from the parents of the child you are babysitting. Consider a Kronos multipick set to ensure you are able to unlock any exterior doors while you are babysitting in the event that you are locked out an unable to look after the child.


Set an End Time for Your Babysitting Duties


Setting an end time for your babysitting duties is extremely important, especially if you have taken on the job with a lump-sum payment (rather than charging hourly). If you have additional duties or a job to tend to, it is imperative to set boundaries and times that you are available to babysit with the parents of the child.


Preparing for an upcoming babysitting job is one of the best ways to alleviate stress and anxiety, especially if you have not babysat the child in the past. By taking the necessary steps to ease the process, maximize the fun and enjoyment you get out of babysitting children with any new job you take on.