How To Survive Addiction When You Are In A Relationship


Someone who is in a relationship and an addict needs to be very careful because they will have problems with their relationship and their recovery at the same time.  Everything is compounded because you are dealing with so much stuff, and the only way to handle these problems is to talk to your partner, consider therapy, and try out rehab.  Look what happens when you have issues with your recovery while also trying to maintain a relationship.


 1.  Rehab

 You have to be willing to do your research and maybe check out Ambrosia's California drug rehab because that will usually be a good way to get information about recovery.  You cannot recover just because you chose to go to rehab, but you could make some choices that will be better for you overall.  You can change the way that you live while you are in rehab, and you will start to see a difference in the way that you feel.  However, your partner has to wait for you, and that can be hard.


2.  Hiding

People who are addicts will have a hard time talking about their addiction because they want to isolate all the time.  This does not work in a relationship because you usually need to be talking about things.  Because of this, you need to be sure that you try to open up as much as possible.  If your partner is an addict, you need to give them chances to talk that will be helpful to them so that they do not feel like you are simply waiting for them to implode or get it together.


3.  Withdrawing

Someone people might have a hard time withdrawing because they still feel the impact of that even after they have gotten out of rehab.  You need to be sure that you have tried to support your partner in any way that you can, or you need to work with your partner to find out what can be done to make this easier on both of you.  It is a hard transition, but you simply cannot do it alone when you are trying to get clean.


4.  Take Your Time

You have to be patient when you are trying to recover or dealing with an addict in general.  This does not mean that you excuse everything that they do.  However, it does mean that you are going to give them some grace so that they can figure out how they want to handle these things.  The people that try to rush this or go too fast are always going to have problems because they did everything too quickly and they were not ready to move on to the next step of recovery.


You can have a relationship with an addict, but you need to be prepared to help them with recovery.  You need to give them some grace to heal, and you need to have an openness about your relationship that will make you feel like you can grow together through this process.