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How To Survive Addiction When You Are In A Relationship

Someone who is in a relationship and an addict needs to be very careful because they will have problems with their relationship and their recovery at the same time.  Everything is compounded because you are dealing with so much stuff, and the only way to handle these problems is to talk to your partner, consider therapy, and try out rehab.  Look what happens when you have issues with your recovery while also trying to maintain a relationship.

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Clarifying It Once and for All: Is Cannabis Addictive or Not?

For a long time, it seemed cannabis was demonized. Although many people smoked it recreationally or at least tried it once, it was not accepted in the mainstream. With the decriminalization of marijuana use in certain jurisdictions, the legalization of medicinal marijuana it is being seen in a different light. The question of whether or not it is addictive still remains.

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