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Does Having Alcoholic Parents Increase Your Chances of Becoming One Yourself?

Alcoholism is a disease that isn’t necessarily genetic but does seem to run in families. While research has not yet ruled out alcoholism being a genetic disease, there are several social reasons why alcoholism is considered a family disease. Alcoholism is a serious problem and it can be difficult to fight the problem on your own. If your family has a history of alcoholism, then managing the problem becomes even more difficult.

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The Heart to Heart with Dad: Talking to Your Children About the Dangers of Substance Abuse

It would be almost impossible to overstate the effects and dangers of drug abuse, so many fathers find themselves overwhelmed with the idea of talking to their children about this sensitive topic. After all, how can you truly convey the impact of so destructive? In fact, with a few simple tips, many parents find that discussing this subject with their children can be easier and more productive than they ever thought possible.

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