How to Survive Council Tax Debts as a Single Dad

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The life of a single dad is a tough one indeed. Not only do we have to manage our time so that we can be with our kids, but we also need to keep one eye on our bank accounts at all times. Keeping on top of bills can be exhausting, and it’s no wonder why so many struggle with their finances, especially at this time of year. One of the biggest gripes that single dads have is keeping up with regular household bills, like utilities and council tax. If you feel like it’s all getting on top of you then read on, as we’ve provided some tips so that single dads can save some money and breathe a bit easier on a rainy day.

Take a look at your outgoings

Get a pen and paper and write a list of all your monthly outgoings. This includes everything, from gym memberships to magazine subscriptions. Now draw a line through the things you could do without, and try to be a bit brutal. Just cutting out a few regular bills, such as downgrading your full TV package to something smaller, could really make a difference to your bank account. Total up the list of savings you could make and imagine how much better off you’d be if that money went towards paying off your debts instead.

Keep on top with plans

It’s easy to fall into the cycle of buying food as and when you need it, especially when time is hard to come by. But the best way to lower your food bill is by making a list of meals you’ll be having for the week, and do one big shop where you tick everything off as you go along. This means you’ll have all the food you need in mind and you’ll be much less likely to overspend on tempting snacks!

Clear out the wardrobe and draws

If it’s been a while since you cleared out the home of things you don’t really use anymore, now is the time to do it. You can sell old clothes, mobiles and all kinds of things online in order to raise some extra cash. Not only that, but you’ll be clearing some precious space around the home, too.

See if you’re entitled to help

Single parents are often entitled to help with their finances in the form of benefits, but some people don’t even realise that they qualify. Whether it’s Housing Benefit, Income Support or anything else, it’s worth doing a check to see if your household budget can be given a boost. Even small amounts can help you stay on top of debts and keep bailiffs like Bristow & Sutor away from your door.

Switch your suppliers

In the past it used to be a chore just to switch your broadband or energy provider, but now it’s easier than ever. There are even comparison sites out there which do all the hard work and show you all the available tariffs, so you could be on your way to making big savings in a matter of minutes. 

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