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Single Dads And Their Daughters - Problems faced And How To Overcome Them

Research has found that there are currently three million children living with single parents, accounting for 22% of all children in families. The Office for National Statistics estimates that 300,000 of them are in the care of the fathers, and although there are no official figures to suggest how many single fathers are raising young daughters across the UK, it’s a topic that is often left unaddressed. While single parenting is rewarding, there are many challenges faced by single fathers on a daily basis. Here are some that we should be talking about:

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Best Tips For Single Dads To Raise Smart Kids

Though being a single parent might be unfortunate, but feel the bliss of being fortunate to have your children raised by you. Dads generally play a second step role in grooming the child in a common family with both parents around. However, when said to manage things alone and raise kids smartly, this is going to be challenge straight in front of them. Girl child or a boy, dads need some extra tips and constant suggestions on raising children, so this post is for those single blissful dads.

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The Dos And Don'ts Of Being A Single Dad

Finding yourself single after being in a relationship for a few years can be a very difficult situation for many men. Especially if there are children involved in the split. Life as a single dad is completely different from being in a relationship with children. However...

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