Best Tips For Single Dads To Raise Smart Kids

single dad and child.

Though being a single parent might be unfortunate, but feel the bliss of being fortunate to have your children raised by you. Dads generally play a second step role in grooming the child in a common family with both parents around. Now, the scenario is going to be all different and all on the dad.  Mothers generally have the nature of raising children responsibly, of course, dads have them too. However, when said to manage things alone and raise kids smartly, this is going to be challenge straight in front of them. Girl child or a boy, dads need some extra tips and constant suggestions on raising children, so this post is for those single blissful dads.


Get Them The Right Things

Getting the right things at the right time is one main tip for good parenting because children should not be overexposed or underexposed. Children who have got the right things at the right time of life with proper utilization guidance will grow smarter. Life has pros and cons everywhere, and children must be taught to choose things wisely. Certain choices might be tough in life like choosing between Sleep Number Bed Vs Tempurpedic, as both are popular bed types with ultimate comforts. Likewise, deciding on the right choice will be the key to raise smart kids.


Keep Your Partner in Good Books

Single parents, dads or moms, it is a fundamental step to keep their other partner in the good books of their children. This will help them grow with positivity and good culture. How much ever bitterness you may feel with your partner on separation, a mom is always a good mom to their children. Talking ill about your partner to your children will put down your image as well in their minds, so raise children with positive thoughts, and they will grow smarter.


Practice Reading

Gift your child the habit of reading at a very early age. Though dads might find it tough to sit down for reading with their children, a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes of reading with the children every day will nurture good thoughts, positive attitude and deeds in them. A child who reads regularly will grow as a smarter kid. Reading can teach the whole world to them and give them thoughts of goodness and constructivism all through their life. Though very old, mentioning that a good book is a good friend will always have its relevance.


Quality Time

Parenting is all about the quality parents inculcate in children. Dads, especially single dads, might have to extend their working time, manage everything at work and home, meet the needs of children, financially and emotionally, all put together will certainly add up to stress. However, put all your stress aside and spend a minimum of 30 quality minutes with your children and talk to them. Let them feel you as a friend who will always be available in times of need. Children with a good dad who is also a very good friend to them will never go wrong in life.

Play with your kids, eat with them at least one meal a day and sleep with your child at least once a week. This will make your children fall in love with you even more and make them responsible and smarter.



Being a single dad is bliss if you love your life and your children to moon and back! Dads always rock the lives of their children by being their best role model. Be one for your kid!