How To Turn Your Shed Into An Extra Room

If your home is a little short on space, you may be thinking of the different options on how you can accommodate your family’s needs. One cost-effective and a clever idea would be to transform your storage shed into a fully-functioning room; whether it be for guests to stay, a home office or a dining room. If you’re not too much of a DIY or interior décor expert, you may be contemplating where to even start on such a complex project.

We have put together a short guide on turning a standard shed into an extra room for the home. Here are some of the most important aspects you need to think about for the project:

Heating and insulation

A wooden shed is bound to feel extremely chilly during the biting chill of the winter months; hence, you will need to look into the best heating methods to stay warm when the temperature drops.

Using cladding on the exterior is often used to retain heat, prevent damp creeping in and will also mean that less energy is required. However, adding heating would be a good idea if you’re thinking about using the shed on a daily basis, so adding column radiators would be advised to get some heat as and when needed.


You need to think carefully about the type of flooring you install as the shed is exposed to the outdoors, meaning damp could set in from the base or mud being trodden in from the yard. Instead of carpet, opt for hard surfaces such as wooden floors or tiles which are easy to clean and far more durable, but if you do wish to add a touch of comfort, you could always lay down a rug that can easily be replaced once it gets dirty.


It’s hard to live without electricity these days, especially if you’re hoping to make your shed into a social space where you’ll be watching TV, using your computer or playing music from a sound system. This is where you need to consider wiring the shed for electricity. If you’re not professionally trained in electrics, it would be wise to hire a professional to ensure that the job is completed safely, and all your needs are understood.


As you’ll be used to furnishing full-sized rooms in your house, you need to think logically about using the shed space effectively, or you won’t be able to fit in everything you need. One option would be to look out for convertible furniture that can be tucked away when they’re not being used. For example – a sofa bed can accommodate guests when they stay over, but can then be folded away to be used as a sofa for socializing. Similarly, extendable tables are fantastic if the shed is going to be used as a part-time office or a place to eat when your family or friends come over, without it becoming too much of an obstacle.