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How To Turn Your Shed Into An Extra Room

If your home is a little short on space, one cost-effective and a clever idea would be to transform your storage shed into a fully-functioning room. If you’re not too much of a DIY or interior décor expert, you may be contemplating where to even start on such a complex project. We have put together a short guide on turning a standard shed into an extra room for the home. Here are some of the most important aspects you need to think about for the project:

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Lawn Care Tips And Seeding Decisions

Do you know how to spot a beautiful lawn? You know what one looks like, don’t you? It has a nice carpet of green grass that looks super smooth, perfect for acrobatics and golf and all the rest of it. So how come your lawn resembles a scene from a horror movie? Getting the perfect grass might require...

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The Latest Log Cabin Lowdown: The Parent Pub At The End Of The Garden

Anyone who has young kids will know the days of spontaneously popping to the pub are well and truly over. Life is now a merry-go-round of cancelled dinner dates (you invited people over, but ran out of steam, or the also-parents you invited ran out of steam), take-away pizzas and...

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