Lawn Care Tips And Seeding Decisions

Lawn Care Tips And Seeding Decisions

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Do you know how to spot a beautiful lawn? You know what one looks like, don’t you? It has a nice carpet of green grass that looks super smooth, perfect for acrobatics and golf and all the rest of it. So how come your lawn resembles a scene from a horror movie?

Getting the perfect grass might require you to change how you do your lawn from the bottom up. The basics are simple, but people try to overdo it and wind up killing their lawns. According to, sunlight, water, and fertilizer are the three things you need. Once you have these three sorted out, the rest will come to you in time. If pests are a problem in your garden you may need to use a professional pest control company like crazylegs Montebello exterminator to get rid of the problem before you begin.

Setting The Soil Is Step One

A great adventure requires that you plan out your travels and prepare for any eventuality. The same principles apply, if you’re going to plant a lawn for yourself. Regardless of the method, you will use when planting grass, you need to start by preparing the area properly. Make sure the soil is free of all weeds, and that it isn’t of the crusty, compact, or lumpy type. Before you start planting your lawn, check the pH value of the soil. pH is a measure of the amount of acid in the ground. Not many rookie gardeners check their soil pH before planting.

Start off by stripping off all the weeds in the area. Don’t just tear them out, though – take out the roots as well. This step is the most important part of the beginning. Take off the top layer of soil if you have to do this. To prevent your soil from compacting on itself and hindering the drainage capabilities in the earth, once it is done, till the dirt to a depth of about half a foot.

When you do this, consider adding some form of compost into the soil to put more nutrients in it before the planting. Mix up equal amounts of loam, sand, and the soil that existed initially. When this is all done, roll it up using a hand-roller to make it compact again and then use a rake to give it a nice gradual gradient.

The grade is crucial to the success of the lawn because it allows water to flow towards a certain point, like a drain. If you don’t do this, water will begin to pool in parts of your lawn on rainy days, drowning the plants in that area.

Seeding Can Be Done But Isn’t Necessary

A carpet is one of the best and fastest ways to build a new lawn, but it tends to be quite expensive depending on the area needed. You can opt to seed the lawn on your own through a variety of methods too. Either way works well, and both are quite natural. This option is a matter of preference, of course. You can seed your lawn, or you can roll a sod carpet over it, and you will still have a gorgeous yard at the end of it.