How To Use A Drone To Do Stunning Aerial Photography?

An exciting development that has taken place in the field of photography is a drone. This is basically a high-flying camera which helps one to capture unique pictures of common subjects. Along with the wonderful images that one will capture it is also extremely fun. Today drones are available in a vast range. Akin to camera equipment, the amount you spend will depend on the camera quality and the drone's flying characteristics. The low-cost models will offer basic images. The Phantom series has created a niche for good reasons. Visit their website for the best drone photography service.

How to Get Started?

A key advertising characteristic of drones is it is easy to operate. Simply charge the battery, and then download the application in the Smartphone, fire this up and finally, you go. Though these are easy to fly but care and common sense is a crucial component of aerial flying. Always begin somewhere wide open like a park or a local oval and spend the time to get the control prior to pressing that shutter button. It is vital to consider the location considering what is surrounding you. With these cameras coming with a wide-angle lens, so it is in misjudging the position especially when it is close to objects like buildings and trees more so if seeing the smartphone screen happens to be your prime.

Various Rules and Regulations

The majority of the countries have to follow the rules such as,

  • The drone should be in LOS (Line of Sight) which means you should be capable of seeing it at all times.

  • The maximum height should be 400 feet (133 meters)

  • The drone should never be flown over a group of people

  • It is vital to respect other people’s privacy

  • The drone should not be flown anywhere adjacent to the airport or any no-fly zones

Excellent Technology

Drones that are available these days have amazing technology which has helped in revolutionizing aerial photography,

  • Via connecting the smartphone to the handheld, remote control one can exactly see on-screen what their drone is seeing. It makes for an ideal compositional adjustment.

  • The camera control is extensive, RAW capture, full/auto control and also time-lapse.

  • Your drone is likely to hover in a single spot with stability just as the aerial tripod. The hands can be taken off the control as the drone will remain in that position.

  • The failsafe flight. Within 20 minutes of flight time every battery charge, your drone will detect when the battery will get low and turn into the RTH mode and make sure that it returns to you. But if the light-bridge connection amid the machine and the remote control is lost, again the RTH will get activated. Again, the RTH can prove beneficial when you lose the sight of your drone you can click on the RTH button that can help you get the drone return back to you.

Aerial Photography

The moment you fly the drone for the first time, it is truly exciting to return home to load the images and enjoy the wonderful scenes that have been captured. Initial few weeks whatever you capture will be thrilling. Aerial photography is quite similar to other types of photography as it is again everything about the light. Rather than heading out randomly, it is best in chasing the conditions and the light which is the strength of landscape photography. Often photographers are aware of the climatic conditions and also what it may offer. A drone pilot needs to take into consideration the wind forecast. A drone is not something which can be flown in high winds and here you need to have calm weather.

These days' most in-built cameras present in the drones offer excellent quality pictures. It gives the provision of shooting a RAW file that offers more choices to work with maybe later on. In fact, the jpg files too are good surprisingly, particularly if you fly the drone in good light. While shooting under low light, its photo quality is found to be amazing and quite astonishing. The icing on the cake is you can shoot panorama images too just as you may when down under the sea, thereby creating unique pictures. The latest models of drone cameras shoot superior quality video up to even 4K that provides absolutely stunning aerial footage. At 4K resolution, in fact, it is possible in taking the best quality frame out of videos directly. What more can you ask for?

Unique Views

The one thing that you will fall in love with is the beautiful patterns you see in the landscape as you view it from above. A drone camera will enable you to reach the area where the majority of the helicopters and planes are not permitted to about below 300 feet. Google Maps will make an excellent starting point to look for locations which appear worth visiting. This definitely beats putting the camera at the end of the 10-foot pole. Aerial imaging as per most photographers is a unique means of adding that additional facet to the photography. To anyone the images are shared, they will be intrigued and amazed and not to forget all the fun involved in it.

The bottom line is, just a handful of emerging technologies succeeded to rise as quickly as the aerial systems and this of course hint towards quadcopters and drones. Owing to this, a good number of people these days own one. Beyond the simple ability of a drone to serve for an adult as a remote-controlled toy, its budding worth actually lies in its potential of capturing beautiful videos and pictures. Ever since its launch, most consumers have bought models outfitted with camera mounts or onboard cameras. Remember, editing videos or photos is not simple. This needs enough practice and experience. No matter be it Photoshop, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, each has its respective learning curve. Also, each possesses its unique means of helping the user in churning out expert grade content. A drone videographer or photographer must count to spend some hours toying with his selected post-production application or undergoing a course associated with the software.