Pet Portrait For Wall Décor

Every one of us proves to be the most innovative interior designer for our own homes. Irrespective of the type, we all want to give a star-mark touch to the walls of dining and living rooms, especially, with a featured art piece. Wall décor is a way to enhance the look of the wall, thereby giving a sophisticated visual quality to the eyes. Canvas Creatures has the best pet portrait for wall art.

Types of Wall Decors:

Wall Decors differ widely in their nature, materials used, features, art style and most importantly, size.

•    Type:

  • Sculpture: Sculptures are a great way to enhance your wall as they are three-dimensional and appear to pop off the walls. When you don’t want to use paintings or pictures, sculptures intend to serve the purpose perfectly.

  • Photography: This form intends to be more realistic as they are real pictures collected from around the world and does not only describes an artists’ imagination. Sometimes, photographs are self-clicked, and others are just collected. The photographs may be of family or even your beloved pets.

  • Decals: Recently, vinyl decals have become very popular as people realized they are attractive, reusable and cost-effective. Ranging from favorite personality to kitchen art, from occupying a corner of the wall to covering the whole wall, decals have emerged as the most liberal wall art.

  • Wall Signs: This form of wall art expresses the person’s feeling or emotions for a particular brand of liquor, favorite sports club or team, or a dream destination. Wall signs help to transmit the emotions to the recipient and are more likely seen in private territories of the room like the bedroom or the bar cabinet, or a more relaxed environment. Eventually, wall signs are more popular among teenagers across the world.

  • Wall Panels: Feels like you are in an art museum, wall panels are an answer if you want to cover the entire wall and these panels need to be hung from a corner of the wall. They truly rule a large space and tend to look a little out of space when smaller pieces of the art surround it.

  • Posters: Posters look awesome in some settings such as dorm rooms or home theatres. Made up of thin paper, posters can be rolled up as required. To make it last longer, either frame it or pin it to the wall. It is an inexpensive and stylish way to get the walls decorated.

  • Prints: If having the same piece of art at someone else’s house does not bother you, prints are the most pocket-friendly wall art one can think of. You don’t need to buy the original but can decorate the walls with your favorite prints.

  • Mirrors: Mirrors scientifically make the room appear large as they reflect light and helps to tie the colors and designs of the room together. Besides, its functionality and utility, mirrors can be used as wall decor for their dramatic appearance.

  • Portraits: A unique form of painting, distinctly visualizing the face or the shoulder, portraits are the perfect way to express love for the creature, maybe human or your favorite animal. The term has been extensively used in the past, and most portraits were made of powerful and rich personalities.

•    Materials:

The most popular and basic materials that are being used for wall decors are Wood, Metal and Canvas. Wood and metal are being eventually accepted at a large scale. This is because the presence of wood enhances the look of a room and can be used both in raw form or after painting it with your favorite color. Metals, on the other hand, leave behind an industrial finish to the room when left behind in raw form and covers a larger portion of the room as well. Canvas gives a heaviness to the look of the room, in comparison to paper. It’s the perfect solution if you want something eye-catching and huge for your room.

•    Size:

Wall decors are available in a range of sizes, varying from mini, small, medium, large to oversized. If you want your guests to pay special effort to get a view of your art piece, go for the mini-sized decors. Oversized art pieces make an excellent statement if you have a lot of free space in your home, but will look very out of place if the size of the room is petite.

What is Pet Portrait?

A portrait is a form of painting that depicts only the face or maybe the head and shoulder of a single living creature. With the evolution of various concepts of interior designs, people have come up with a variety of fresh and innovative ideas to make their rooms look better as a whole. Besides furniture, walls provide a great space to show your innovation and creativity. Pet Portrait has been recently used on a large scale as an essential element of wall décor.

Pets indulge a considerable portion of our daily life and prove to be the best companion throughout. People who are obsessed with both their painting and animals, love to surround themselves with the paintings or portraits of their loving pets. Pet portraits also attract visitors as they share the person’s emotions related to the particular portrait or the pet with the receiver. These portraits prove to be mind-blowing gifts to the pet-loving people of your life.

The market of Pet Portraits:

The rise in demand for pet portraits for wall decors has exponentially increased their market, both online and offline. There are a variety of online sites offering pet portraits at reasonable prices, which can add to life to the dead walls of your room. The market has expanded to such a large extent that pet portrait artist is an occupation taken up by many across the globe. These artists make a portrait of your pet just the way you want and eventually help you to decorate your house.

Decorating your den in the best possible way is an art as that is the place which provides you with the all kind of inspiration for your work and life. Texture and choice of every individual differs and is highly influenced by the environment and type of work he/she is indulged in. Pet Portraits keep you happy, chirpy and positive just the way your pet creates magic in your life.

What are you waiting for? Get the best version of your pet as soon as possible!!!