Things to Consider When Re-Roofing your Home

Though re-roofing is not a glamorous home renovation but is undoubtedly a crucial one. In case of installing a new roof, there are a couple of things that you need to consider which will help to make the roof functional, long-lived and more beautiful. As opposed to baths, kitchens, and decks, the roof is obviously not something that you will invite pals to admire. Yet re-roofing will present for the homeowner some appealing opportunities especially for those who desire in reducing unnecessary expenses and maintenance for the future. If you are interested to learn more about re-roofing from the industry leader you can check out this company.

Essential Points to Consider

Take a look at some essential points that you need to consider while re-roofing a home:

  1. Selecting Roofing Materials- Prior to picking the shingles, check whether a homeowner's association or covenants in the neighborhood regulates the exterior finish. It is common in case of newer developments. The intent is in ensuring in the neighborhood the uniformity of style. You may be limited to pick a particular shingle. Besides, not every shingle is ideal for every type of roof. Some shingle manufacturers suggest avoiding installing their products on any roof that has a pitch below 4%. Roofs with lower pitch may need rubber membrane roofing or asphalt.


  2. Airtight Chimney Cap- As opposed to metal chimney caps and masonry which are specially designed for keeping rain, birds, and critters away from the chimney, the airtight caps are everything about energy saving. At the time when the fireplace is not used, the warm air inside the home will gush out the chimney during the cold weather. In fact, the damper in the firebox cannot stop it as this is not airtight. It is best to tell the roofer to install a chimney cap that is airtight as the roof is worked on. They are spring activated. In order to open the cap of the chimney, tug on a cable made of steel which is fixed to a bracket that is inside the fireplace. Shut it after the fire is out completely. An airtight cap has a plus point to keep animals at bay from nestling inside the chimney.


  3. Eave Flashing- Eave flashing is bituminous membranes of the peel and stick type that is applied before to shingling to about 2 feet depth inside exterior wall planes and three feet in case of low-pitched roofs. It is the membranes that self-seal surrounding roofing fasteners are thereby creating a watertight seal on the eaves that are the part of the roof which is highly prone to ice dams. The bituminous eave flashing can be specified for any other vulnerable roof part like around dormers and skylights and over valleys.


  4. Augment Roof Ventilation- The attics during summer become like furnaces in the absence of proper ventilation. This heat that is build up will radiate directly to the room below the attic thereby making it uncomfortable. In order to keep the home and the attic cooler, it is vital to ensure that the roofer installs ridge vents properly across the rooftop. Hardly visible from the street, the ridge vent will allow movement of the air below the shingles of the ridge cap. To make the ventilation more effective, the soffit vents that are situated under the eaves will draw cooler air to the attic as hot air gets expelled. The gable vents that are situated adjacent to the exterior walls' roof peak may be required for sufficient airflow. When the attic is cooler, it indicates that the home will remain comfortable during summer without the need to invest a huge amount on an AC.


  5. Energy-efficient Shingle- For a cool roof people used a white shingle or a light-colored shingle. But this option was not always appealing to the homeowner aesthetically. The modern reflective shingles are available in different colors right from wood tones to slate and more. The granules along with reflecting the radiation of the sun will reemit the heat right away which is absorbed. Resting on the construction of the home and the climate, a cool roof will save about 10-15% of the cooling cost.


  6. Low-maintenance Gutters- During re-roofing the home, it is good to scrap the old gutters and to install new ones particularly if the existing gutters are unsightly or misaligned. A gutter system that has an in-built curved hood is maintenance free. Its patented design perfectly works on water adhesion that allows rainwater in traveling around and down its curved hood along with the gutter at the time of deflecting the leaves. It will prevent unsightly staining and clogs on siding and gutters because of gutter overflow. This also means there is no scope for the hazardous and messy chore to climb the ladder for cleaning the gutters. Seamless gutters are sized generously for heavy downpours. Such gutters are available in assorted shades leaving you spoilt for choice. You are sure to find one which complements the siding, roofing, and the trim.


  7. Do-it-Yourself Vs. Hiring a Professional- Re-roofing is amid those projects which some homeowners handle, yet if they are not confident to work at heights, then it is always wise to call a professional. Installing roofing felt as well as layers of shingles is not much difficult. Shingle bundles are available with diagrams and detailed instructions. There are some brands which have lap lines that are clearly marked to making things simpler. Most communities allow a homeowner in installing their roofs yet to attain the finest outcomes, should you desire specialty roof material like rolled roofing, metal roofing, tiles, and shakes, join hands with a certified and experienced roofing contractor.

The majority of the homeowners do not think much regarding re-roofing till they position pans and pots carefully to experience leaks coming from the ceiling. Despite the roof not being in the state of failure, selecting shingles, employing the services of a roofing contractor as well as getting approval on the re-roofing project via the local authority is likely to be troublesome especially if you are clueless where to begin from. With these improvements, a new roof will indeed be worth celebrating.