How To Wow Your Kids With Your Underwater Prowess

How To Wow Your Kids With Your Underwater Prowess

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As a loving dad, you want to be the perfect role model. To show your kids that the world is a place rich in opportunity and adventure. To go forth and try new things, experience new thrills, and learn new skills.

If you’re a dad who embraces new challenges, then what an example you are setting. So be bold, and try something new today. Your kids will love it if you do.

So, what will it be? Climb a mountain? Run a marathon? Drive a formula 1 car around the track?

Yes, you could do those – all pretty cool.

But why stay on dry ground, when there’s a world of magnificence to be discovered under the sea.

Consider taking up a brand new pursuit in watersports and underwater action, and you might discover adventures that will last a lifetime.

So why not consider these amazing water-related hobbies.

SCUBA Diving

You may fancy yourself in the guise of some special forces navy SEAL action, or perhaps you just want to see all the pretty fish. Either way, SCUBA diving offers a wonderful opportunity to indulge in exercise and amazing exploration wherever you may roam (assuming you are close to the sea!).

Consider taking a PADI course, and set yourself on the path of oceanic discovery, opening up a world of ship wrecks and coral reef, of amazing wildlife and plant life. And, as your kids get older, it’s an incredibly enriching experience in which you can share.


Of course, you don’t have to dive to enjoy the wonders under the water. With so much life teeming away just below the waves, there’s always snorkelling to consider. The seas of the world offer literally thousands of opportunities for amazing snorkelling activities. Yes, there’s the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, as an obvious starting point. But from the Florida Keys to the Red Sea, if the sea is clear and blue then there’s a fair chance that good snorkelling is not too far away.

Equip yourself with a waterproof bag, a good set of flippers and a quality watersports facemask that allows for clear, de-misted and peripheral vision, and the full joys just below the surface can be your to behold.

Another fantastic, energising and bonding activity to enjoy on those precious days on your family vacation. Sharing experiences that will be remembered as your kids grow into adults.


Don’t believe that this is a pursuit solely for the young. Frankly, you’re never too old to take up surfing. OK, the movies may go overboard on the spirituality side of things when it comes to surfing. But there is something that’s deeply felt the first time you catch a wave and ride it into shore.

Like you’re taming the sea.

Surfing classes are always a fun thing to do with the kids as well. Either you’ll amaze them with your balance, your talent and derring-go.

Or you’ll provide hours of entertainment as they watch you plunge from the board as they coast back to shore.