Is Your Child Afraid Of Water? Here's What You Should Do Right Now...

Is Your Child Afraid Of Water? Here's What You Should Do Right Now...

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It's not a good thing for your child to be afraid of water. As parents, we want to rest easy in the knowledge that our kids will be just fine in any situation. It’s possible that they might find themselves in water on a semi-regular basis, and we need to ensure they’re OK with it. Their ability to swim and remain calm in a situation might just save their life one day.

But, if your child is already afraid of water, you’ve got a tough task on your hands. You need to sort this out right now before the problem becomes almost incurable.

Small Steps

Keep in mind that the mindset of your child is a fragile one when it comes to contact with water. Getting angry or forcing them to jump in at the deep end will only scar their opinion further. Instead, it’s much better to take very small steps as you gradually introduce them to the concept of swimming. Positive reinforcement after any success is key, and rewards can also prove beneficial as a motivational tactic. Eventually, they should start to connect the idea of swimming with positive benefits.

Get Involved

It’s all well and good expecting your child to remain comfortable when you’re watching from afar! If you want your child to become acquainted with the water, you need to get involved yourself. Children often look to us as parents for reassurance. If we’re able to conquer the water, it’s bound to result in a more positive mindset on their part.

Fun Activities

When a child is forced to swim in a pool, that’s all they’re focusing on. It’s not exactly the most exciting activity in the world, and this can lead to fear taking over. What’s the solution? Make it more fun! There are loads of cool activities that kids can get involved with. Rapid Splash lists activities like paddle boarding and kayaking, for example. You might even want to hire inflatables for a kids party at the local pool. Make it fun and interesting, and they’re much less likely to be scared.

Floating Products

Your child still doesn’t like the water after these tips? Make it easier for them to stay afloat. In many cases, a fear of the water is brought about by the idea that they can’t stay above it. Floating products make it almost impossible to fall underneath, adding a level of reassurance for the child. That said, it’s important that they don’t grow too attached to these products over time. However, they’re a good way to introduce water-based activities to kids.

Underwater Comfort

OK, here’s the tough one. There are many children and adults who greatly fear the idea of going underwater. One of the best ways to improve the level of comfort for a child is to get them used to the idea of getting their faces wet. If you can make the idea of getting their head wet a normal one, they’re more likely to tolerate the underwater world.

Have you got any other tips for us? Let’s hear them!

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