Keys To Making Your Car Look Showroom-New

You own a beautiful car. But just because you treasure your wonderful ride, that doesn’t mean the years and the miles will go any easier on it. From the wear and tear of time on the road that will beat down your vehicle’s tires and engine to the dirt, dust, and rain that will batter your vehicle’s outside, a lot of forces are conspiring to make your car look and feel old and worn out.

But you don’t have to stand by idly while Mother Nature and Father Time beat up your beloved set of wheels. You can do a lot to protect the look of your vehicle. Here’s how to make your car shine like the day it rolled off the assembly line, every day of the year.

Correct cosmetic mistakes and long-term issues

Sometimes, a vehicle has a cosmetic problem that a car wash can’t fix. Sometimes, it has an issue even when it’s brand new. Overspray — a term that usually means excess or misplaced paint, but can also refer to other materials tacked on the vehicle in a seemingly permanent way — is a great example of this sort of problem.

And a great solution is obvious: You need to take your vehicle in for overspray removal services. No matter how clean your car is, it will never look showroom-new if it has overspray issues. Get those fixed.

And, while you’re at it, address other long-term problems. Scratches and dents, for instance, should be fixed as soon as possible. In addition to being unsightly, they can lead to even more serious problems — like body rust — if left unaddressed.

Store your vehicle properly

Whether you’re just putting your daily drive away for the night or are storing your glamorous sports car for the off-season, you need to be careful about how you protect your car when it’s not in use. Road miles are tough, but just sitting around can be bad for your car, too. Disuse can hurt some components, and poor storage conditions can allow rust and dust to destroy the look of your car — or even the car itself.

So make sure that you store your vehicle in a cool, dry garage or other indoor space. Keep it out of the rain and snow, and curb humidity (especially if you live in a humid area such as the southeastern United States). While you’re checking out your space, make sure that it’s also locked up and protected from vandals and thieves.

If you’re taking your vehicle off the road for an extended period of time, be sure to prepare it for its rest and to take care of any seasonal tasks, such as winterizing. Cover the vehicle to protect it from dust and scratches. If you don’t prepare your vehicle for its extended vacation, the time off could be bad for it — inside and out.

Invest in detailing

Cleaning your car regularly is a good idea. Waxing it regularly is good, too. But your car needs more than the care that it will get in your driveway or at your local car wash. Your car needs to be detailed.
Detailing is the process of giving a vehicle a seriously in-depth cleaning. Detailing includes washing the car, but the process is done carefully and by hand, and gets into the nooks and crannies that regular car washing doesn’t bother with. Detailing also includes waxing and can include other high-end cleaning and restoration services, such as headlight restoration. All of this makes detailing much different — and much more involved — than a simple car washing. Detailing isn’t an everyday thing for most cars, but regular visits to the detailer can keep your car looking stunning and will help ensure that it retains its value.