6 Tips For Finding The Right Putter To Up Your Golf Game

You might be able to hit a golf ball 350 yards off the tee every time. But if you aren't able to use a golf putter, there's a good chance that playing golf is going to frustrate you to no end.

One of the many keys to turning yourself into a great putter is making sure you have the right golf putter in your bag. You need a putter that you can rely on when you need to make a big shot for par.

Here are six tips for finding the right golf putter to up your golf game.

1. Take a Trip to Your Local Sporting Goods Store to Test Putters

About 80% of people shop online these days. If you're one of them, you might be tempted to order a golf putter through a website rather than purchasing it in a store.

Don't do this! You need to see and feel different golf putters before choosing the right one for you. And you obviously won't be able to do that without visiting your local sporting goods store.

2. Look for Putters Made by Trusted Golf Brands

There are some golf brands that have been manufacturing golf clubs for decades now. Turn to one of these brands when you're in the market for a golf putter.

The most trusted brands spend hundreds of hours designing and testing their clubs to ensure they're of the highest quality. You'll feel better about using a putter from one of these brands when you're out on the golf course.

3. Make Sure Putters Are Long Enough for You

If the putter that you buy is too long, it's going to be uncomfortable when you swing it. If it's too short, it's going to make you bend over too far when you use it.

Look for a putter that's the right length based on your height. You should be able to use it comfortably when you're lining up a shot.

4. Consider the Weights of Different Putters

Golf putters come in a wide range of different lengths. They're also available in different weights.

If you settle on a putter that's either too heavy or too light, it could throw your balance off when you're using it. Find one that's the right weight for you.

5. Check Out the Club heads on Putters

There are two main types of club heads that you'll find when you're shopping around for golf putters. There are blade putters as well as mallet putters.

Blade putters are known for being narrow and flat, which allows golfers to get a great feel for the ball when they're taking a shot. Mallet putters, meanwhile, are larger and more rounded than blade putters. They set golfers up with more consistency on their putts.

Only you can decide which of these club heads would complement your golf game.

6. Choose the Right Golf Putter and Stick a Special Grip on It

As long as you've worked your way through the other tips here, you should find at least one golf putter that works well for you. Buy it and put a special grip on it before using it.

Putter grips help golfers to control their putters better. They also allow them to easily identify their putters when they're golfing with a group.

Track Down the Best Golf Putter for Your Game

There are so many different golf putters available to those who want to add one to their golf bag.

Utilize all of these tips to put different putters to the test. At the end of the process, you should have one golf putter that stands out over all the rest.

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