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6 Tips For Finding The Right Putter To Up Your Golf Game

You might be able to hit a golf ball 350 yards off the tee every time. But if you aren't able to use a golf putter, there's a good chance that playing golf is going to frustrate you to no end. One of the many keys to turning yourself into a great putter is making sure you have the right golf putter in your bag. You need a putter that you can rely on when you need to make a big shot for par.Here are six tips for finding the right golf putter to up your golf game.

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Common Golf Mistakes You Could Be Making

For most dads, golf can provide them with a great way of unwinding and having fun with their friends. However, when you are performing badly week after week, the enjoyment starts to fade away and you become a bit irritated. 

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Are You Ready To Join A Golf Club?

You’ve always wanted to play golf, so you bought some clubs, booked a few private lessons with a golf pro and played a few rounds with a friend. Now, you’re thinking it’s time to join a golf club – but how do you decide if this is the right decision and, if so, which club is right for you?

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