Common Golf Mistakes You Could Be Making

Common Golf Mistakes You Could Be Making

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For most dads, golf can provide them with a great way of unwinding and having fun with their friends. However, when you are performing badly week after week, the enjoyment starts to fade away and you become a bit irritated.

You may not be playing competitively, but everyone likes to win, right? Read on to discover some of the most common golf mistakes you could be making.

  1. Your overemphasizing power and distance - A lot of new players have a tendency to swing too hard. It is of little surprise. Over the past few decades, golf has evolved. Accuracy and finesse used to be the two most important qualities golfers were after; now it seems that distance has jumped above them. You can see this with a lot of modern equipment; it is designed with distance in mind. This leads new players to assume they need to swing really hard. In fact, ball speed does not necessarily increase overall distance. You will lose your tempo and balance if you swing too hard, and this will be detrimental to control and distance. Additionally, a great way to get your golf score down is to use a rangefinder. There are plenty of good ones out there, but if you want a truly unbiased review of different rangefinders, visit

  2. You don’t maintain your club’s grooves - If you feel like you struck the golf ball perfectly with the necessary backspin, yet you haven’t got the results you expected, it could simply be because you haven’t maintained your clubs well. Check your club’s grooves to ensure they are clean and neat.

  3. You don’t practice enough - Be honest, are you practicing? If not, how do you expect to get any better? Of course, not everyone has the ability to get down to the golf course every few days. However, you don’t need to; invest in a golf simulator instead. A lot of people assume that golf simulators are simply novelty gifts, but this is not the case. The best golf simulator will be instructional and provide analytics on your current performance, using advanced technology to track the likes of ball spin and shot direction. A stimulator can really help you to improve your game, and you can practice from the comfort of your own home.

  4. Your golf club isn’t right for you - Maybe you need a change of scenery, quite literally? If you don’t feel comfortable at your golf club or you don’t enjoy the course, why not consider looking somewhere else? You may find that you thrive in a new location. Here are some great tips on choosing the right golf club for you.

  5. You have the wrong clubs - It is so important that the golf clubs you use are properly suited to your accuracy, swing speed, current skill level, and many other factors. Don’t simply look for the cheapest clubs you can find. While they may have been a great bargain, if they aren’t right for you, you won’t enjoy playing the sport.

Are you committing one of the golfing sins mentioned above? If so, this could easily be the reason why golfing is not going as well for you as you expected. Make a few simple changes, and you will soon find that you are no longer lagging behind your friends at the course.

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