Kids Tired? They'll Be Floating On Air When They See This Chair…


Latest from the Fatherhood Biz!  I thought that I would give all you folks in Everything For Dads Land the heads up about a fantastic new chair, for kids, called the Trono Kids which I discovered only this week! This is a great find for the summer travel season, and garden parties - and so I am going to explain why I am so excited about it!

The amazing Trono Kids is the world’s first inflatable chair for kids, which expands from a tiny rucksack into a really comfortable and easily portable chair in just a matter of seconds! No, you don’t have to use a pump, or have superhuman lungs to inflate it either!

Just check out the video below!

For us dads who are already over-burdened with carrying endless amounts of ‘stuff for kids’ when we travel, this astonishingly tough chair can be carried by the kids themselves, as it is lightweight and made from triple –coated nylon – which is used for parachutes. So if you can trust that material to support you jumping out of a plane, you can certainly trust it to be tough enough to support your kids!

I should mention that the chairs come with removable machine-washable covers as well, so the dirt and grime from the great outdoors is not a problem either!

Now, I suggest you hurry and buy one for all of the kiddos, because the Trono Kids is on Kickstarter on special offer pre-order for a whopping $20 below retail price, but only for another 8 days from the date of this post.

Your kids will think this chair is magical and cool – so inflate their wishes and lessen the load! Have fun!


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Jim Mckenzie is Dad 0f 7 home-birthed children and is the founder and editor of Everything For Dads. Follow Jim on Twitter @Fatherhood Biz