3 Reasons You May Need to Sell Your Home….Fast!

house sale

When we buy a home we are thinking about the long term. Plans are often in place to renovate, to expand the property and to redecorate. All of these things take time. For a lot of people buying a house means settling down, planning for a family and maybe finally building that man cave we have always dreamed of. However, sometimes life throws a bit of a curve ball and plans have to change and sometimes the house itself needs to go and it needs to go fast. It is not something many people plan for but here are 3 reasons you may need to sell a property fast that you may never have planned for.


How to Sell Fast

Before we look at why, it is worth looking at how you sell a house quickly if you need too. Using the normal estate agents or real estate agents can be very long winded unless you live is a very desirable area where demand is high.  There are others ways of selling; companies like www.barryhomebuyers.com exist in most towns. These companies simply buy the house without a mortgage from you at a slightly lower than market value price and then go on to resell the house over a longer period. You could also put your house into an auction but this could be risky and it may not meet the reserve thus costing you money and leaving you without a sale.


Career Change

You may love the job you have or you may hate it but generally a job is something most people plan on having for a while. However, when the time does come to change you can find far more dream jobs if you look over a much wider area. If you are OK with moving for a job then you can really be fussy and find something you love. The downside of this is you may have to sell your home and move. While this in itself is not a problem for a lot of people the time it can take may be. Imagine the dream job offer comes in and you start in 3 months…you have to put your home on the market and sell it before you leave. By using a fast sale option like a home buyer you can have it all wrapped up in weeks and get ready to start your new life stress free.



OK so this one is never in the long term plans but it happens a lot as this link shows - https://amicable.io/infographic-global-divorce-rates/  so it is an important one to cover. In some cases the two people can agree and work together to split assets or leave one partner in the home. But sadly in other situations the only option is to sell the home and split the money. Often speed is really important here because both parties want to go and buy their own home with the proceeds. To avoid a drawn out process looking for a quick sale option is often the best method. The slight drop in overall money from the property is well worth the removal of months of trying to sell a home and paying rent and other costs elsewhere.



While this one is not a happy idea either it is a fact of life. The death of parents can often lead to a property that siblings all want a slice of and working through a normal house sale is often not an option. Just like divorce; if all parties are happy to wait then a longer sale can work out well. However, the reality is generally that one or more siblings want the sale to go faster than others. If no will was left then often the property must be sold as part of the overall estate to then be divided up under probate. A fast house sale can remove so much stress and once again, the lower price gained for the property is well worth it.


Other reasons

Of course, there could be other reasons you may want to sell fast. You may just hate the sale process and you are willing to take a bit less money to remove all the stress and costs involved. You may really not like the town you moved too, even though you gave it a try it may be time to quit and get out as fast as possible. Whatever the reason the good news is you do not have to sit in a house trying to sell it for months or even years; there are other ways. Yes you have to admit you are going to get less money but a lot of the time that is a fair price to pay for the speed and convenience of a home buyer. You could just drop the price for a traditional sale but that would still involve all the usual home viewing, estate agents and more so the benefits are reduced a lot.

Hopefully you never need to sell your house quickly but it is a good thing to be aware of and to be just a tiny bit prepared for because that will make the process a whole lot better.